Being What is Needed: How IZL Can Help You Get There
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Being What is Needed: A Message From Paul

Being What is Needed: A Message From Paul

by Paul Sevett

IZL provides me a structure for learning as well as, most importantly, a process and practice for my ongoing growth as a person and a leader. The focus on an embodied understanding of who I am and how to lead from within allows me to be more open, free, clear and honest in my relationship with myself and those around me. Removing obstacles that keep me stuck allows me to lead from an inner space where I know I am more effective in creating and being part of the change I want. 

The Institute for Zen Leadership is forging a new way of training for people to become the kind of leaders the world needs. The IZL course sequence is designed so leaders emerge who embody the characteristics of creativity, adaptability, resilience, courage and deep caring for humanity. These are leadership qualities necessary if we are to save our ability to continue to live together on this earth.

Paul Sevett, M.A., BC-DMT, LICSW
Zen Leader Practitioner 
Dance and Movement Therapist

Paul Sevett is a Zen practitioner and an active participant in the IZL community. 


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