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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Snow covered lantern Zen Leadership Post

Zen Leadership Post

Jan 08 2018

Message from Ginny: I write, a storm rages up the East coast, bringing damage and disruption in its wake, even as it deposits a fine…

Fireworks FocusOn Winter, 2018

FocusOn Winter, 2018

Jan 07 2018

FocusOn Winter, 2018 Moving beyond fear into the New Year “Fear is excitement without the breath.” – Fritz Perls Just back from integral Life’s What…

Light at the end of the stairs Moving Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Fear

Oct 08 2017

Ginny Whitelaw and David Riordan for Integral Life: originally posted October 7, 2017 It is my pleasure today to talk with Ginny Whitelaw, President of…

water drop with the world How Zen Can Provide Leadership in a Post-Truth Trump World

What a wacky month. I’ve tried several times to write this post and every time have gotten sidetracked by the latest unfoldings in our real-life…

Zen, Leadership, and Transformative Technologies

Gordon Greene, Ken Kushner and myself recently made a trek to California to meet with a number of key players at the intersection of technology,…

Zen Leader Enso moon Integral Mindfulness – Body Included*

Ginny Whitelaw for Integral Post: originally published August 7, 2013 Mindfulness has made it into the Zeitgeist – even into Zite, itself, as one of…