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Feeling Low?

Feeling Low?

Jul 29 2016

Have you ever had a client with each pattern showing up low? This article provides examples of workplace behaviors that can be see for each…

Organizer Energizer

Organizer Energizer

Mar 15 2016

Quick tip on how to get started when you’re feeling stuck by evoking the Organizer energy pattern that FEBI measures. -Anthony Attan Click here to…

Driver Energizer- From Distracting to Dominating

Part 1 of this blog series called The Patterns of FEBI digs into the Driver. In this five-part series, we explore each pattern measured by…

Video Energizer

Video Energizer

Mar 04 2016

Need to gain focus and energy quickly? Check out this new video that shows you a quick tip on how to create focus and energy…

white water rapids Developing Leadership Agility

“Probably the most important competency for leaders to have in today’s rapidly changing world.” What could be so powerful and important to leadership that would…

soft focus leaf Springtime For Hara

Springtime For Hara

May 10 2015

We hear more all the time about the march of technology: how we’re approaching a singularity where machine intelligence surpasses that of humans, not only…

FEBI learning lounge banner Wellness Retreat with FEBI

Antimo Cimino is a FEBI-Certified Coach who has combined his passion for movement and wellness with experiential travel.  We’ve invited Antimo to share with the…

FEBI learning lounge banner Chop, Chop, On Time

Chop, Chop, On Time

Dec 31 2014

Guest blogger, Theo Cade, shares his experience of working with Driver energy.  Driver is not always the pattern we think of for interpersonal harmony, but in…

FEBI learning lounge banner What Are You Seeking At Work?

FEBI-certified coach, AnnRene shares this blog post from Seth Godin; without naming them he could as easily be talking  about the FEBI patterns: Some people want safety…