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FEBI-Certified coach directory

Our Great coaches!

We’ve certified FEBI coaches and practitioners on 6 continents, and we’ve featured some of their terrific work in our quarterly newsletter. If you’re FEBI certified and would like to be included in this directory, contact us.

Helen Alm

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Email: helen@helenelizabeth.com.au
Phone: +61 8 83760102, +61 400 037 500
Specialization: Leadership and Self Development Coaching, Team Development Sessions. Developing and supporting flexibility and fluidity in individuals, teams and organizations to lead and thrive in ever changing circumstances.
Professional Focus: Authentic Leadership and Authentic Success. Increasing Leadership, Professional and Personal and Effectiveness, Personal Power, Resilience. Supporting individuals to overcome limiting behaviours (e.g., procrastination, perfectionism, control, taking on too much, self-doubt). Time, Self and Energy Management. Professional Communication.

Emily Alpert – FEBI and Operations Manager

Location: Queens, New York USA
Email: emily@zenleader.global
Phone: 443-710-9200
Specialization: Leadership Development | Embodied Leadership
Professional Focus: Helping clients develop the mind and body as one. Helping clients bring about the change they want to see and bring awareness into life.

Edmund Ahrend

Location: Berlin, Germany
Email: EdmundAhrend@gmail.com
Specialization: Professional Business Coach, M.A. Mediation and Conflict management, Diploma in Banking und Business Administration, State-approved Practitioner for Psychotherapy, Teacher in Experiencing Alba Emoting, Systemic Constellations
Professional Focus: Emotional Leadership and Team Development. Supporting individuals, teams & organizations through emotional processes of change & learning in a cooperative and solution-oriented way. Training Emotional Conflict management.

Dr. Manfred Barbarino

Location: Graz, Austria
Embodiment coach, mentor, teacher and facilitator. Formerly, program and people manager in aviation. Diploma and Ph.D. in occupational and aviation psychology
Professional Focus:
 Executive coaching, leadership, anti-stress, emotional regulation, energy management training

Luann Barndt

Location: Alexandria, Virginia USA
Phone: 703-244-5398
Somatic/Embodiment Leadership Coach; Peer Coaching & Learning; Leader Development Trainer; Facilitator; Researcher/Writer; Lifelong Learner
Professional Focus: 
Coaching and leading through embodied inquiry and body-oriented practices to discover meaning through sensations. Through movement, cultivate capacity to learn quickly, lead masterfully, and transform challenges into unexpected opportunities.

Yamandu Bermudez

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: +598 95 515 888
Executive coach. Team development. Teacher. Business consultant.
Professional Focus: 
Help people, teams and organizations through processes of change and learning.

Stacey Bevill, PCC, BCC, MPM®

Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Phone: 864-527-0425
Website: http://goldencareerstrategies.com/
Career Transition, Outplacement, Leadership, Team & Organizational Development
Professional Focus: 
Coaching and consulting for individuals in transition or leadership development, multifaceted outplacement services for organizations, maximizing the effectiveness and potential of employees, organizational and leadership development, sustainable change, resilience, stress reduction/mental fitness, energy management training, passion for optimal communication, employee engagement, and motivation and more.

Katharine Bourke

Location: Devon, South West England, UK
Executive Coach/ Critical Friend/ Motivator
Professional Focus: 
Facilitator with expertise in bringing teams together to make things happen and aligning individuals with their purpose. Supporting people and businesses to adapt, develop and grow.

Vikki Brock, Ph.D. EMBA

Location: Ventura, California USA
Phone: (805) 676-4200
Specialization: International Coaching and Consulting
Professional Focus: Leadership & Coach Development; Business & Strategy; Team Dynamics & Communication; Strength- and Energy-Based Assessments.

Alisa Burke

Location: Bristol, UK
Email: alisa@abwellnesscoaching.co.uk
Phone: +44 7808 787947
Web: www.abwellnesscoaching.co.uk/
Specialization: Personal Development Coach/ Corporate Training & Wellness Programs/ Embodiment Facilitator.
Professional Focus: Re-Vitalising High Achievers and Teams. Go from Drained to Re-Engaged using Executive Transformational Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Energy Patterns and Lifestyle Consulting. UK & Singapore

Nic Etheridge Calder, MA, ACC, CPCCRegenerative Leadership Coach

Business Name: Invoke Coaching
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Email: nic@invokecoaching.com
Web: http://www.invokecoaching.com/
 Non-profit and Social Impact Leaders, Teams and Organizations
Professional Focus: Leadership and Team Coaching

Bob Caron, Ed.D.

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts USA
Phone: (508) 864-6278
 Entrepreneurship – Small Business Consulting/ Leadership/ Executive Coach/ Teacher
Professional Focus: Helping small business owners & entrepreneurs break through plateaus, design and execute start-up plans and deliberately create a life and business to meet their needs and goals.

Hendrik Crafford

Location: Bloemfontein, South-Africa
Email: hendrik@craffiescoaching.co.za
 Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership development, specializing in the service industry.
Professional Focus: My passion is supporting people and organizations to rediscover BEING instead of the rat race of just doing in an integral way.

Sandra Cunningham PCC CPCC

Location: Fife, Scotland
Email: sandra@walkingcoach.net
Phone: +44 7980 747682
 Leadership and team development. Marketing consulting for purposeful organizations. Ecological systems coaching. Developmental coaching. Outdoor coaching while walking.
Professional Focus: Helping people understand the patterns that keep them stuck and equipping them with the awareness and tools to lead from a more grounded, authentic and connected sense of self. Supporting women over 50 to transition to the next phase of their life and career, feeling empowered, purposeful and at peace with themselves and their world.

Sandra Dager, D.Min.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California USA
Email: s.d.dager@gmail.com
Web: sandradager.com
Phone: (650) 448-3481
 Executive Presence and Public Speaking Coach/ Holistic Leadership Development/ Alexander Technique Teacher/ Worship Consultant and Coach
Professional Focus: 
Developing strong Executive Presence and effective leadership. Building healthy, agile teams.  Improving organizational health.  Transforming worship through education and holistic leadership training.

Unique approach to whole leadership and executive presence applies aspects of the Alexander Technique to energy pattern coaching. Deep experience (30+ years) in management / organizational health / discerning and developing organizational vision and focus.

Andrew Elowitt, JD, MBA

Location: Los Angeles, California USA
Email: elowitt@newactions.com
Phone: (310) 471-0230
Web: www.newactions.com
Specialization: Leadership and Management Consultant/ Executive Coach/ Meeting and Retreat Facilitator/ Speaker and author on professional firm practice management
Professional Focus: Helping executives, professionals, and their organizations master the art of leadership, the science of change, and the power of skilled conversation (SM).

Robert Franklin

Location: Twickenham, UK
Email: robertncfranklin@msn.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7973 679892
Web: http://crossboundarysolutions.org www.business-school.exeter.ac.uk
Specialization: Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
Professional Focus: I work with individuals and teams to promote awareness and achieve change, using a variety of techniques including Positive Psychology and embodied learning.

Gillian Frame

Location: United Kingdom
Email: gillian.frame@reframes.co.uk
Phone: +44(0) 7720 425 650
Web: http://www.reframes.co.uk
Specialization: Executive coaching, Leadership, Personal Development, Team Development, Strengths-based Coaching
Professional Focus: I help individual leaders and groups to amplify their natural strengths, as well as transform limitations or barriers to achieve personal, professional and business success. I bring over 20 years experience in people and HR management, leadership development and coaching developed within consulting, financial service and customer service industries as well as the not-for-profit and public sectors. My approach and style is founded upon a belief that each of us can choose to grow and develop to create a positive and lasting impact.

Prof. Angela Geissler MD

Location: Stuttgart, MD
Phone: 004915114171383
Specialization: Leading in health care, managing change, coach, personal and professional development, Zen leadership trainer (Daishin Zen), educated in MBSR.
Professional Focus: Integrating meditation and mindfulness to develop and enhance leadership. Working and researching on mind and body, finding ways to transform leadership, using the research results. Help to find power, inner strength and balance in difficult situations. Opening room to grow and flourish in business, where you would not expect it. Continuous executive experience in a hospital.

Tina Geithner, Ph.D.

Location: Spokane, WA, USA
Email: tinageithner@me.com
Phone: +1 509-280-1793
Website: https://playingtheedgecoaching.com
Specialization: Certified Presence-Based® Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, ICF-ACC / Experiential, embodied, whole-person approaches to coaching, mentor coaching, leadership and team building
Professional Focus: Partnering with coaching clients, coaches, leaders, and teams to navigate and “play” their edges (e.g., life and work transitions, reactive tendencies, challenges, etc.) more skillfully using mindful awareness and embodied practices aligned with what matters most

Réka Göbel

Location: Budapest Hungary
Email: reka.gobel@kerubi.hu
Phone: +36209328892
Web: www.kerubi.hu
Specialization: Organization consultant, HR consultant and Coach
Professional Focus: Organization Effectiveness, HR Strategy, Team and Individual Development and growth

Daniello Greco

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Email: dgreco@daniellogreco.com
Phone: +61 400201633
Web: www.daniellogreco.com
Specialization: Leadership Performance Advisor. Specializing in conscious leadership and inspiring sustainable high-performance teams that are connected, innovative and loyal in ever changing times.
Professional Focus: Conscious leadership and purpose-driven success practices. Developing unshakable self-trust, increasing leadership performance mindset, magnetic communication, overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors, personal energy management and work/life balance.

Sara Hart, PH.D.

Location: California, USA
Email: sarahart@hartcom.com
Phone: 650-815-8848
Web: www.hartcom.com
Specialization: Optimally successful individuals and teams/Professional, Life and Health Coaching/Focus on pharma, bio-tech, and hi tech
Professional Focus: Re-energizing top achievers. Mobilizing outstanding team performance. Sparking high performance in start-up and merged teams. Generating shorter, more productive face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Kerstin Haerer

Location:  Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany 
Email:  welcome@kerstin-haerer.com 
Phone:  +49 172 815 7780 
Web: www.kerstin-haerer.com
Specialization:  Facilitator for Leadership, Team, and Organizational Development, Executive Coach, Business and Sports Psychologist
Professional Focus:  Supporting human beings to recreate access to their competencies and resources based on an effective mind-body systemic approach.

Joseph Ilarraza

Location: New York, NY, U.S.
Email: joseph.ilarraza@talent-advantage-llc.com
Phone: +1-347-494-0043
Web: https://www.talent-advantage-llc.com/
 Talent Development | Leadership Development | Coaching | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion | Facilitation
Professional Focus:
 I help people identify, acquire, and develop the skills and behaviors necessary for success, and assist organizations in creating the optimal culture, processes, and systems to support colleague growth and development. Simply put, I enable colleagues and organizations to reach their full potential.

Jonas Janebrant

Location: Lund, Sweden
Email: jonas.janebrant@milinstitute.se
Phone: +46 705-52 00 01
Web: www.milinstitute.com
 Leadership and Management Consultant
Professional Focus: Business driven leadership development, change management and management team development.

AnnRené Joseph, Ed.D.

Location: Woodinville, Washington USA
Email: moreartsannrene@gmail.com
Phone: (206) 819-8216
Web: www.moreartsannrene.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/moreartsannrene
Specialization: Helping people bring the artistic processes of creating, performing, presenting, responding, producing, communicating, and collaborating into their personal and professional practices. Educational and research consultant; keynote speaker and conference presenter; educator all ages PreK-20.
Professional Focus: “In the business of enhancing lives via the arts, learning, and leadership using Biblical principles and promises.” “Your life is an artwork in progress.”

Mark Kiefaber

Location: Annapolis, Maryland USA
Email: markkiefaber@gmail.com
Phone: (540) 420-0364
Specialization: Executive Coach / Leadership – Development Educator / Managing Paradox / Leadership Narrative / Entertaining Keynote Speaker
Professional Focus: 30 years experience in leadership development and coaching Global 1000 leaders; Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University and Wharton School of Business, Managing Paradox, FEBI.

Britt Kirstein, Ph.D.

Location: Regensburg, Germany
Email: britt@kirstein-coaching.de
Web: www.kirstein-coaching.de
Specialization: Systemic Coach, Mediator : Leadership Coaching, Team Development, Collaboration Coaching
Professional Focus: Supporting individuals, teams & organizations through processes of change & learning in a cooperative and solution-oriented way. Internal conflict management.

Maggie Kolkena, MSOD

Location: Portland, Oregon USA
Email: mkolkena@thirdthought.com
Phone: (503) 740-4574
Web: www.thirdthought.com
Specialization: Creativity Coach/ Speaker/ Executive Coach/ Team Facilitator
Professional Focus: Engaging and interactive sessions to build the energy for positive change. Work with creative employees who want to apply innovative problem solving on the job and express their imagination throughout their life.

Marcela Kyngesburye – Transformational Coach

Location: Madison, WI
Email: info@marcelacoaching.com
Phone:+1 (608) 369 8797
Web: marcelakyngesburye.com
Specialization: Life Purpose Coach, Program: Reinvent Yourself in 90 days
Professional Focus: Awareness, Communication & Embodied Leadership

Catus Lee

Location: Hong Kong
Email: catus@zensiblo.com
Web: http://zensiblo.com
Specialization: Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership and Team Development, Business Change and Culture Transformation
Professional Focus: 25+ years of experience in supporting individuals, teams and organizations to create sensible and systemic changes.

Thomas Lotz

Location: Osnabrueck, Germany
Email: lotz@echtkantig.de
Web: http://www.echtkantig.de/
Specialization: Personal Development, Leadership Coach, Team Facilitator, Culture Change
Professional Focus: Helping people to discover, appreciate and expand their own personality.

Niall McDonagh

Location: United Kingdom
Email: niall.mcdonagh@nrl-consulting.com
Phone: +44(0) 7970 015 286
Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/niall-mdconagh/0/523/4b9
Specialization: Executive educator, facilitator and business coach
Professional Focus: Passionate about helping leaders and their teams discover and apply fresh insights about their customers and markets.

Marcia McFee, Ph.D

Location: Lake Tahoe, California USA
Email: peactime@aol.com
Phone: (530) 582-8000
Web: www.marcicamcfee.com andwww.spiritualadventuresinthesnow.com
Specialization: Leadership Coach/Team Facilitator/Drum Circle Facilitator/Developing Leadership Skills through Ski and Snowboard Experiences/Consultant to Churches on Worship
Professional Focus: Lively and interactive sessions on the energy patterns utilizing group drumming; plenary speaker; extensive experience with implementing the patterns with church staff and for enhancing worship design and leadership.

Anne Miller

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Email: anne@annemiller.net
Phone: (505) 310-8700
Web: www.annemiller.net
Specialization: Executive Coach/ Team Facilitator/ Leadership – Executive Educator/ Management Consultant
Professional Focus: Action-oriented approach to boost the quality of coordinated action and accelerate results in top global and early-stage businesses. Extensive experience with senior leaders across cultures.

Rhonda Morton

Location: Corning, New York USA
Email: rhonda@possibilityapplied.com
Phone: (607) 742-9356
Web: www.possibilityapplied.com
Specialization: Coach/ Team Transformation/ Inspirational Speaker
Professional Focus: Changing the trajectory of individuals’ lives and transforming teams for extraordinary results, using a body-based and whole-brain approach deeply influenced by improvisation.

Kyle Moses, PhD

Location: Tirana, Albania and the Western Balkans; Houston, Texas and surrounding areas; and Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.
Email: revolution_solutions@icloud.com
Phone:571-992-7370 (U.S.) +355-69-708-5801 (AL)‬
Web: https://www.revolutionsolutionsllc.com
Specialization: Executive Coach / Team Facilitator / Leadership Development Educator
Professional Focus: With extensive experience in management, leadership, and leader development, my focus is on supporting a leader’s internal revolution enabling a lasting positive change – resulting in greater performance of their teams and organization. I have extensive experience with both executive leaders and transitioning leaders across cultures.

Agnes Mura, MA MCC

Location: Santa Fe, NM
Email: Agnes@AMIcoaches.com
Phone: 310 890 9026
Web: http://www.amicoaches.com/
Specialization: Conversational Intelligence® / Executive coaching (in English, Spanish, German, French) / C-suite – Board relations / Global leadership program design & facilitation / Coaching skills training (U of Miami faculty, ICF Assessor and MCC Mentor); Team development / Energy management.
Professional Focus: Refining leaders’ coach approach and stakeholder impact, based on the neurobiology of human behavior. “Company coach” to SMEs and Fast Companies, dealing with vertiginous change and growth. Former finance executive, current public company board member; 20 years in executive education, worldwide.

Norma Nielsen

Location: Hamilton, Bermuda
Email: clarusbermuda@gmail.com
Phone: +1 441 504 7408
Web: www.clarusbermuda.com
Specialization: Business Coach, Personal Coach, Team Coach, Team Trainer & Facilitator, Management Consultant
Professional Focus: Specialist provider of custom-developed coaching and development programs to harness the whole and balanced leader within you and your team.

Betty O’Callaghan

Location: Cork, Ireland
Email: betty@mojoforleaders.com
Phone: 00 353 (0) 86 8345367
Web: www.mojoforleaders.com
Specialization: Leadership and Management Coaching. Innovative and interactive customized leadership interventions. Facilitation of Leadership Development programs.
Professional Focus: With extensive experience in Management, Leadership, and Human Resource Management, my passion is around helping leaders be the best they can be – facilitating shifts in insight and perspective, and challenging leaders to fully own their power, delivering both within and outside of their organisations.

Nick Ong

Location: Singapore
Email: iamnick78@gmail.com
Phone: +65 87222226
Specialization: Leadership Trainer/ Personal Life Coach
Professional Focus: Focus on whole leadership in business development. Personal empowerment and change management.

Annie Parry

Location: West Midlands/London UK
Email: annie.present@talktalk.net orannieparryfacilitates@gmail.com
Phone: +44 7985783425
Web: LinkedIn Annie Parry Worcestershire UK
Specialization: Personal and Professional development specifically designed to a particular context and rooted in the empowerment of Mindful Presence. Mini meditations; examine right relationship to self and other with usual resultant strengthening of confidence and equilibrium. 3 decades of experience across UK, Eire, and Israel.
Professional Focus: (1)Coach Leaders and their teams using the FEBI energy patterns as the entry point. Integrate natural abilities and characteristics with non verbal communication and movement style creates capacity to discover exciting and immediate possibilities of ‘new’ inner resources. (2) Individual sessions and creative group workshops teaching Techniques towards transformation and healing through Movement, Meditation and Energy work with those who are eager to live their full potential, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Lynn Punturiere

Location: Bowie, Maryland, USA
Email: lynn@aiyanahorse.com
Web: www.aiyanahorse.com
Specialization: To empower humans and horses through embodied authentic leadership coaching. Discovery-focused, horse guided education relevant to real-time life and work situations. Experience horses and their natural language to develop connection to self and others in expanded ways. Programs include: Developing Leadership Capacity, Motivating Conversations, Team Building Excellence, Emotions through Movement,  Attuned Horsemanship.  Customized workshops, private sessions, online coaching. Horse experience not needed.
Professional Focus: Equine Experiential Learning Programs for Project Managers and Teams, Associations, Personal Enrichment, Youth Evolving, Equestrians Seeking That Missing Link.

Nika Quirk

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Email: NikaQuirk@mac.com
Phone: +1 510 381 5350
Web: http://nikaquirk.com
Specialization: Leadership and Collaboration Coach/ Facilitator/ Teacher and Researcher
Professional Focus: Leadership and collaborative performance development in collectives, partnerships and teams.

Loeke Richter, ICF ACC

Location: Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Email: info@schaalvanrichter.nl
Phone: +31 20 6793309
Web: www.schaalvanrichter.nl
Specialization: Executive Coach in Personal Growth & Development / Career Transition
Professional Focus: Accessing, strengthening and integrating the dynamic triangle of life, body and work. Developing a new, constructive mindset that brings you closer to your authentic leadership style.

Rebecca Ryan –
Futurist, economist, author and founder, NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc.

Location: Madison, WI
Email: rr@rebeccaryan.com
Phone: 888-922-9596 ext. 702
Web: rebeccaryan.com
Specialization: Foresight (futuring), economics
Professional Focus: The future of cities, local government, the public sector

Chase Ruzek

Location: Madison, WI USA
Email: chase@genwhycoach.com
Web: https://genwhycoach.com/ 
Specialization: Life & Career Coach
Professional Focus: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with a focus on emotional wellness, work/life balance, mindfulness, and career transitions. Emphasis on coaching with Millennials in the tech industry.

Nikki Thompson

Location: Roma, Queensland – Australia
Email: nikki.a.thompson@bigpond.com
Phone: +61746230217, +61408849784
Web: http://innercirclework.com
Specialization: Personal and business coaching and consulting.
Professional Focus: Brain and body friendly ways for individuals, families, teams and organisations to reach potential, create synergy, innovate, and fully embrace and enjoy life.

Beate Schwarz

Location: Bavaria, Germany
Email: beate.schwarz@schwarz-partner.de
Phone: 00498686515
Web: www.schwarz-partner.de
Specialization: Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership, Personal Development
All relevant topics in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Conflict Management
Professional Focus: Since a few years I work with Mindfulness and Leadership Embodiment to connect Head Heart and Hara. I really enjoy helping people to work with their strengths and bring out the best they can be.

Laura Sciore MBA, CFP, CPCC, ACC – Executive Coach

Location: Prince Edward County, Ontario
Email: laura@laurasciore.ca
Phone: 905-213-0506
Web: www.scioreandassociates.ca
Specialization: Small Business Coach
Professional Focus: Integrating current Neuroscience and Somatics to support personal and business growth and change.

Mark Seton, PhD

Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: mark@senseconnexion.com
Phone: +61 419464276, +61 2 47366173
Web: www.senseconnexion.com
Specialization: Embodiment and wellbeing resilience coach, educator and facilitator. Certified Habit Practitioner (Habit Change Institute).  Certified InterPlay facilitator (InterPlay Australia).  Ph.D. in performance studies.
Professional Focus: Creative leadership and interpersonal communication coaching and education, trauma-informed resilient vulnerability program for empathic professionals (actors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, religious workers, journalists, etc.) who deal with emotional distress and potential trauma as part of their work.

Dr. Simon Sirch

Location: Ulm, Southern Germany
Email: simon@flowinconcept.com
Phone: +49 177 2588 346
Web: www.flowinconcept.com
Specialization: Teal Coaching and Training | Embodied Leadership | Mindful Performance in Sports and Business | Integral Flow Research
Professional Focus: Helping leaders and teams to create healthy transformation in a VUCA-world. Leading from the inside out. Developing an agile mindset through embodiment. Self regulation and energy management. Cultural transformation and diversity. Realizing flow by choice, not by chance.

John W. Sigmon CPCC, PCC, MCEC

Location: Finger Lakes Area New York
Email: john@sigmonsolutions.com
Phone: +1 202 543 5146
Web: http://johnsigmon.com
Specialization: Transformational Executive Coaching, Leadership Development Guru, Expert Facilitator
Professional Focus: I work with leaders who want to fulfill their highest ambitions, truly inspire others to be their very best, show up in an authentic way that generates a fanatical following, and be fearless in every area of their life.

Lisa Silverberg – Founder – Process Matters

Location: MidAtlantic USA
Email: lsilverberg@processmatters.net
Phone: 301-408-3604
Web: www.processmatters.net
Specialization: Coaching, Leadership Development, Facilitation, Organizational Development

Amy L. Small, LICSW – Psychotherapist

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Email: asmall.licsw@gmail.com
Phone: 401.830.2783
Web: https://www.zencare.co/amy-small
Specialization: Psychotherapy and coaching utilizing mindfulness and movement practices

Michelle Vander Stouw

Location: Columbus, Ohio USA
Email: michelle@stayonpointe.com
Phone: (614) 505-7557
Web: www.stayonpointe.com
Specialization: Executive Coach / Strategic Planning Consultant / Thinking Partner
Professional Focus: Guiding people through critical decision-making, with the goal of achieving individual and organizational growth and development. Facilitating processes that enable listening deeply, thinking strategically, and measuring success.

Chris Webb

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Email: chris@collaborativemotion.com
Web: http://www.collaborativemotion.com/
Specialization: Self-development and well-being coaching. Leadership and team coaching. Mindfulness and Yoga training. Facilitation.
Professional Focus: Focused on supporting self-generative change and increasing well-being so you can be the best possible you. I integrate a variety of (often somatic) tools including yoga and mindfulness in the work I do. I also teach the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) course. strategically, and measuring success.

Gijs van Wezel

Location: Malaysia & The Netherlands, The Hague
Location: 25 Jalan Teruntung, Villa Vista 3-1, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur 50490, Malaysia
Email: gijs@gijsvanwezel.com gijs@megainternational.com.hk 
Phone: +60-173719727 & +31-83502899
Web: www.gijsvanwezel.com
Specialization: Entrepreneur coaching, both individual and team facilitation. Small business consultant.
Professional Focus: Supporting the journey from today’s situation and challenges towards desired balance and success. Based on a unique experience as entrepreneur.

Ginny Whitelaw headshot

Ginny Whitelaw

Location: Annapolis, Maryland USA
Email: ginny@zenleader.global
Phone: (540) 420-2269
Web: https://zenleader.global
Specialization: Executive Coach / Team Facilitator / Leadership Development Educator / Zen Teacher
Professional Focus: Integration of Zen and leadership, coaching and leading using the energy patterns; extensive experience with senior leaders and Global 1000 companies.