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FEBI Coach Spotlight – Rhonda Morton

I had the chance to e-interview FEBI Coach Rhonda Morton about her work and FEBI.

Rhonda Morton

CEO at Savannah Consulting

Rhonda Morton founded Savannah Consulting to work with people who want to change the trajectory of their lives, their workplaces, and the world.  Using the science of transformation, Rhonda coaches individuals to live from a place of conscious choice, free of the tyranny of old unconscious patterns, so that they create: profoundly satisfying lives aligned with their deepest truth and well-being; workplaces centered on humanity’s inherent creative, generous, and collaborative nature; and a sustainable world that works for everyone.  Rhonda was in one of the first cohorts to be FEBI certified, and has used the assessment with hundreds of clients over the years.

1) What attracted you to the FEBI? 
As an empathic embodied brain-science specialist, I help smart people leverage the plasticity of their brains and nervous systems to make truly life-transforming change in areas they thought were stuck forever.  Led by deep listening and intuition, and armed with neuroscience, I guide people to discover ingrained patterns that aren’t serving them and then teach them simple techniques to create new neural pathways to literally transform themselves at the cellular level.  The FEBI report helps to make those patterns obvious to my clients.  Also, I love that the FEBI patterns are rooted at the physical level, and show up through the emotions, the intellect, and even an individual’s spiritual orientation.
2) How are you using the FEBI in your work?
Every coaching client takes the FEBI, and their report acts as the jumping off point for our first session.  Often, folks are at a bit of a loss to clearly and concisely capture where they are now and where they want to be.  But the FEBI provides a way to make sense of their complexity, a window into what’s next.  It immediately provides us with a common lens to look through together.  Nearly always, by the end of our first 90 minutes together, we have delved very deep and they are surprised and exhilarated by the path forward.
I also use the FEBI with teams.  Each team member takes the FEBI, and I meet with them one-on-one to debrief their report and to allow them to share their insights into the team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  I then generate a FEBI team roll-up.  The qualitative results of the discussions and the quantitative results of the group roll-up ALWAYS correlate, and provide a way to talk about the team in non-inflammatory, yet powerful ways.
3) What would you tell someone who is considering becoming FEBI certified? 
Of course, there are many workstyle assessments out there today.  I think the FEBI is best for four reasons.  First, it is easy to grasp and apply immediately—not like the MBTI which I find is too complex with hard-to-remember “labels.”  Second, it presupposes that you can change by dialing up or dialing back the patterns—that fits with the growth mindset required for a coaching relationship to work.  Third, it can be used in an empathetic way—rather than expecting others to conform to your style, it gives my clients the tools to “become the other person and go from there.”  And fourth, it is body-based, so for anyone who coaches from a somatic, physical, neurobiological basis, the FEBI is a fabulous fit!

To date, Rhonda has used 731 reports! 


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