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FEBI Coach Spotlight – Stacey Bevill

Hi Coaches! 

I had the chance to e-interview FEBI Coach Stacey Bevill about her work and FEBI.

Question 1 – What attracted you to the FEBI? 

I learned about FEBI from Embright’s Amanda Blake. I was fascinated by the concept of combining somatics with a leadership assessment tool. I knew I would become FEBI Certified when I understood that this is much more than identifying one’s leadership style. This assessment, combined with coaching, enables one to access each of the four leadership patterns: visionary, organizer, driver, and collaborator.

Question 2 – How are you using the FEBI in your work?

I use FEBI with individuals and with teams. The assessment and coaching empower by creating self-awareness and instruction on how to access each leadership style. This awareness enables one to access the pattern that will be most effective in a current situation regardless of if you are in a meeting,  preparing to focus on a task, or engaging your team for an upcoming project.

Question 3 – What would you tell someone who is considering becoming FEBI certified?

I highly recommend the FEBI assessment certification. It is so much more powerful than merely identifying traits or styles. This assessment offers the opportunity to embody all four leadership styles. This testimonial explains why this assessment is so valuable:

“As I reflect on the FEBI and our debrief discussion, I am left with the idea of wisdom acceleration.   FEBI can guide someone or a team to reflect on their communication style and what they are ‘saying’ non-verbally.  To take the time to self-reflect and to be open to the resulting wisdom often comes with age and experience. The FEBI presents it now, providing a path to desired individual and team results.

Too often, leadership teams believe that an underperforming team is due to the team members. I would suggest that leadership and intra-team communication is the underlying cause.  The FEBI,  when embraced, can build true and lasting ways of communicating that quickly eclipse other forced and artificial methods espoused elsewhere.  I’m impressed.” -Senior Consultant and Coach

Another reason is that what my clients learn with FEBI is sustainable. Here is a client review from the president of an international company that indicates how the assessment helped his team:

“Your assessment and coaching are truly valuable and sustainable.

Our weekly meetings and day-to-day conversations are now filled with an awareness of each other’s energy patterns and how to apply them to our work and relationships.

We see where to strengthen and compensate for each other in complete respect. Our new knowledge has also provided a great source for humor and team building.  Our load has been lightened by it, and we’re more united and stronger than ever.”

If there is an interesting fact about yourself: 

I am excited to be the first FEBI certified coach in South Carolina.

Proud volunteer for One to One: Women Coaching Women and Stand Beside Them

Here is my bio: https://www.goldencareerstrategies.com/company-information/

Contact info below: 

Stacey Bevill, BCC, ACC, MPM®

Golden Career Strategies

(a division of Ask and Receive, Inc.)

Career Transition, Outplacement and

Organizational and Leadership Development

(P) 864-527-0425




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