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You’ve been called too medicine to heal others.
You’ve seen how the healthcare system isn’t up to the task.
You feel called to action – but what and how?
Your energy and attention gets pulled this way and that.
How do you make a healing difference for patients,
colleagues, systems or society?

Let this pathway resource you with clarity about the work that is yours to do and the wisdom and inexhaustible compassion with which to do it.

The result is you making your greatest difference
with undeniable power, greater joy, and less stress.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a leader or practitioner in healthcare who wants to have even greater impact.
  • You want greater energy and connection to the purpose that called you to medicine.
  • You care about the people around you and the quality of your relationships and teams.
  • You never thought of yourself as a leader, but you’re feeling called to now.

Designed by front-line physicians and the Zen masters who trained them

Original watercolor by Diane Chencharick, award-winning artist, IZL alum

Join us on the foundational journey to Healthy Embodied Agile Leadership.

3 ways to get started: HEAL1 weekend, HEAL1 serial (6-week), or Resonate (6-week).

Subsequent courses can be taken in any order convenient for your schedule. Can sign up for each individually or the set at a discount.

Outcomes that Endure

From even the first, foundational program, HEAL 1, participants consistently report being more grounded, centered and energized as a result, even long afterwards. They report fewer symptoms of burnout and greater facility in the leadership skills we teach, for example in HEAL 1, transforming challenges, leading with agility and influencing others.

Course 1a: HEAL1 (weekend or serial)

What will I learn?

  • How to flip problems to opportunities
  • How to release tension and extend energy
  • How to reconcile seeming opposites or decide between right and right
  • How to center yourself and increase your power using hara
  • How to develop your concentration and self-regulation in meditation
  • How to know which of 4 energy patterns you favor and how to access weaker patterns
  • How to increase your influence
  • How to bring a desired future into the present
  • How to apply Zen leadership to a current challenge or opportunity in healthcare


  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Weekend version starts Thurs evening, runs all day Fri and Sat, finishes Sun at lunch
  • Different program schedules are set up to accommodate different time zones
  • Serial version meets for 6 Saturdays, 2 hours most weeks and all day in week 5.
  • Option to join ongoing check-in calls with HEAL instructors
  • Note: smaller cohorts, may be combined with ZL1.

Course 1b: Resonate

What will I learn?

  • How to develop greater presence, resilience and energy
  • How to get on the same wavelength with others
  • How to resolve conflict and opposing views to a greater good
  • How to get your energy to add up (not dissipate!) inside and out
  • How to hone your resonance and concentration using Zen meditation
  • How to engage 4 patterns in your nervous system and know when to use each one
  • How to discern whether an idea is worth the effort
  • How to help teams work in flow and bring about big change
  • How to apply resonance to a practical challenge or opportunity you’re working on


  • Online, self-paced, cohort-based program
  • >40 bite-sized videos, handouts and pdf of award-winning book, Resonate
  • 3 live, instructor-led 90-min sessions in weeks 2, 4, and 6

Course 2: FEBI4U

What will I learn?

  • How to recognize the 4 energy patterns in yourself, others and the world around you
  • How your home pattern and weak pattern have shaped major directions in your life
  • How to develop any pattern you’d like easier access to
  • How to use the right energy at the right time
  • How to apply the FEBI patterns to a situation or relationship in your life


  • Online, live, cohort-based program 2, 2-hour sessions with practice in between

Course 3: HEAL2

What will I learn?

  • How to face into a self-limiting fear and increasingly free yourself
  • How to flip from useless outward judgments to productively working inner triggers
  • How habits work and can be reworked
  • How to leverage the neuroscience of “I” and “we”
  • How trauma distorts the present
  • How to take away fear
  • How each of the energy patterns gets into conflict and ways to move forward
  • How unfillable holes happen and what to do about them
  • How to “become the other” in patient encounters and empowering others
  • How to strengthen a key relationship in your life or work


  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Weekend starts Thurs evening, runs all day Fri and Sat, finishes Sun at lunch
  • Note: smaller cohorts, may be combined with ZL2
  • Option to join ongoing check-in calls with HEAL instructors

Course 4: HEAL3

What will I learn?

  • How you limit yourself and how to stop doing it
  • How to embody a change you want to see
  • How to leverage the science of resonance and heart-brain coherence to create a desired future
  • How to work with the liberating and manifesting energy currents •How to apply a Zen Toolkit to a transformation project in healthcare
  • How to support colleagues and be supported in your applied transformation project
  • How to flip from your local self to your whole self and how that changes everything
  • How to experience “host” and “guest” – the final flip of Zen Leadership


  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Weekend starts Thurs evening, runs all day Fri and Sat, finishes Sun at lunch
  • Note: smaller cohorts, may be combined with ZL3
  • Option to join ongoing check-in calls with HEAL instructors
Add the coaching option?

Make your journey even more impactful with the assist of a Zen Leadership coach.

Why? As you train in HEAL, you’re seeing in new ways and trying new practices. Especially if you’re trying to  lead changes in your system, you’ll likely experience ups and downs and feelings of failure – in other words you’re learning! There’s nothing like the accountability, support, attention, and insight that emerge through one-on-one coaching to help you stick to desired practices, overcome rough spots, and make something bigger happen.

Our Zen leadership coaches embody a depth of wisdom and experience that comes from years of meditation in addition to their leadership, industry, and coaching experience.

Select the coaching option and you’ll have 6 sessions with one of our Zen Leadership coaches to schedule as you like.

What’s Included

What’s IncludedHEAL FoundationalHEAL Foundational +HEAL PractitionerHEAL Practitioner +HEAL Practitioner + Coaching
Resonate Or XAnd XOr XAnd XAnd X
Zen Leadership CoachingX
Cat 1 CMEHEAL 1 HEAL 1 HEAL 1,2,3HEAL 1,2,3HEAL 1,2,3
Connection to Chosei Zen*XXXXX
Your Investment$549$995 (Save>100)$1695 (Save>200)$1999 (Save>400)$3499 (Save>500)
Or 3 Payments**$185$335$570$670$1170
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*Training with Chosei Zen is offered on a donation basis
**3 monthly payment plan available up to 90 days before program start