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Free HEALing Resources for those of you working in healthcare

We thank you, all of you working in healthcare, for your extraordinary efforts in this coronavirus pandemic. Here we offer resources from our Zen community and HEAL leadership programs to help you better handle the burden, or access the possibilities, of these difficult times. Feel free to share with your healthcare colleagues

Watch our inspiring June 30 webinar on Resonance and Healing Healthcare (~ 1 hour)

Inside the Dojo

7 am CT (20 mins) 7 pm CT (30 mins) 7 days/week

Learn how to do Zen meditation:

  • Watch this 5-minute video on the basics of sitting Zazen (Zen Meditation)
  • Read an excellent summary of instructions for Zazen here (taken from Pat Greene’s, Feast of the Senses)
  • Join Rebecca Ryan and Heather Scobie for Introduction to Zazen Sundays mornings at 9-10:30am CST
  • Sit in your own time by joining the online IZL community of meditators on Insight Timer, the group name is “Institute for Zen Leadership”

Learn how a Zen chaplain faces the suffering of others:

  • Watch this online video course on Facing Suffering with Gordon Greene Roshi
  • Read Gordon’s penetrating reflections on life and suffering on his blog

Learn how Zen leaders face into fear:

  • Watch this 50 min webinar on Leading Fearlessly Amidst Coronavirus

Exercises for settling fear and anxiety right now:

  • Watch and Join with Ginny on this 3 min video for grounding and calming yourself using the power center called hara
  • Watch and Join with Pat Greene Roshi on this 8 min video showing a series of breathing exercises that will leave you energized and grounded. The password is zensittinggroup

Explore how to build greater capacity in yourself or help your healthcare system pivot in these difficult times:

  • Watch this 50-min webinar on the HEAL program

Gain deeper experience of your own power center for allowing compassion and skills to flow:

  • Read Ken Kushner Roshi’s blog on hara development
  • Watch and Join in on this 3-min video as Ken Kushner and Alex Greene guide you through an isometric exercise that let’s you experience your hara and deepen your breathing
  • Visit Red Beard Bodywork; they’re offering several daily classes in TRE – Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy, and Yoga Therapy. All are available to healthcare workers at no cost

Ways to energize now:

  • Watch and Join Stephen Kow Roshi in this classic 15-min video of 10 Tai chi moves that uniquely use sound to get the feel for the inner dynamics that power outward movement
  • Read and expand into this powerful poem from Rilke which provides instructions for Zazen and speaks exactly to this time
  • Watch and join Andy in this 10-min video, doing the Zen Ten series of yoga exercises that open up the body, allowing energy to flow. The password is zensittinggroup