Being What is Needed: How IZL Can Help You Get There
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Being What is Needed: How IZL Can Help You Get There

Being What is Needed: How IZL Can Help You Get There

by Dave Stahlberg

If you are facing a life challenge, Zen Leadership is for you. The program addressed my life challenges both mentally and physically, leaving me feeling revitalized. Mentally, the program views challenges from several perspectives, but the small group work was most impactful. In the small group, first, I talked about my challenge. Then after turning off my camera and muting myself, I became a “fly on the wall” as other group members discussed it. It was extremely insightful listening the other Zen students discuss my life situation. As tension left my mind, the program simultaneously addressed tension in my body. Kate led very gentle yoga sessions during the day, and Ellen led somatics and TRE in the evening giving me a deeper connection with my body. The Zen Leadership program is beautifully designed, and left my mind and body feeling relaxed and refreshed.

If you have experienced this type of renewal, or something similar, please consider donating to the Institute for Zen Leadership during our end-of-year fundraising campaign. And sign up for a class if this experience feels like something that can recharge you!  

Dave Stahlberg
Master Class Zen student 

Dave Stahlberg is a Zen practitioner and an active participant in the IZL community. 


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