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Igniting a Healing Explosion

 Jen Ayres talks about the importance of internal work and the maintenance that is required – February 2020

Expansion, Paige Bradley  

Igniting a Healing Explosion

How often do we wish we could carve out just a little more time for ourselves? We have so many competing demands on our time and attention, that we often crave some time out. 

A number of years ago, I was in a particularly brain-maxxed state and was dreaming out loud to my mother about how I wished I could live a financially independent, simple and relaxed life. Her reply has stayed with me ever since:

“And then what? What contribution would you be making to your community, to the wider community, to the world?”

Her words made me consider exactly what contribution I was currently making. But honestly, at that moment in time, I didn’t feel that I had any spare time or brain capacity to offer up to anyone else, let alone people I didn’t know. The person in need right then was me! 

Whilst I know that answer was rather selfish, it was in fact true. Our utility to other people is severely limited until we first embark on some internal work. Blasting out our own crap is essential. Not only does it improve our own health and wellbeing plus that of all of our relationships, but it releases us and opens our minds, and our calendars, to explore what we have to give.

The internal work doesn’t really end, it requires regular maintenance, and at times, as one of my ZL1 friends commented ‘it’s f**king exhausting’. But the more we get out of own way, the more we can see a new way that is connected to the world outside our front doors. 

If you haven’t already been on a Zen Leader programme and are wondering what this ‘internal crap blasting’ is all about, come and join us in Cornwall, UK on Saturday 14th March. We’ll be digging deep into the fears that hold us back, but as is always the case at a Zen Leader programme, there will also be a lot of laughter!

Been thinking about Zen Leadership but didn’t want to commit to a 3 day weekend? Leading Fearlessly is a one day dive into Zen Leadership. Awaken the Zen Leader in you. Your leadership will never be the same. 

 Join us on March 14th at the Rosehip Barn Cornwall, UK from 9:30am -6:00pm. 

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Backflip into the unknown

How does your thinking change when you get brain-maxxed? Do you notice there is more internal resistance? Learn how to flip that resistance and open yourself up to the wider picture. 

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Join us for our monthly Virtual Sit on Saturday, March 7, 9:00 am CT / 10 ET / 4 pm CET / 10pm ICT.

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