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interview with febi coach, rhonda morton

Recently FEBI Certified Coach Rhonda Morton was interviewed by the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. In addition to sharing her expertise on the power of empathy, Rhonda discussed how the FEBI has helped her clients reach their full potential.

“…when working with individuals and groups I have this tool called FEBI [Focus Energy Balance Indicator]. It was developed by a women named Ginny Whitelaw. She took energy patterns in our bodies that exist, like the way that our muscles work, the way that our neurons fire and the way that our nervous system works and based on that came up with four types; Driver, Organizer, Collaborator and Visionary. To make a long story short, it’s a shorthand or a lens to look at how we behave ourselves and how we interact with other people. And what I love about it is that it is so simple, it’s four types and they are words we understand and we get it. When I start explaining it, people are like ‘oh yea, I’m a Driver/Organizer’ or they say ‘oh, that’s why I can never go shopping with my daughter, she’s a Visionary and I’m a Driver, I just want to get it done and she wants to touch everything’…”

Rhonda went on to say, “We are by no stretch of the imagination the same, we don’t think the same or feel the same. So once you can have that awareness and you can start looking at life through that kind of lens, it’s like there is an easiness that comes from it, just knowing that drops the frustration, drops some of the resisting what is…I find that when I introduce these four ways to approach the world, that it tunes up through your whole body…when people get that and they have this language to talk about it, it’s like grease, it just makes things go smoother.”

Click HERE to watch the full interview. Under that video is also a video of Rhonda giving a TED talk on being an ‘Empathy Ambassador’. If you would like to learn more about Rhonda and the great work she is doing, visit her website at

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