The Marathon of Planet Life
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The Marathon of Planet Life

Image used with permission
The Marathon of Planet Life
~ Jo Anne PReston

There are people in our lives who nudge us to be better. Who is that for you? Standing out to me today are my brother Dan and his wife Jaci, marathon and ultra-marathon runners. Conversation with them is full of, “Boston this” and “training that” and “when are we eating again?”  And the word “running” is in every other sentence (sort of kidding).

All kidding aside, as I write this, I just finished watching them (via an app) cross the Boston Marathon finish line and felt incredibly moved and fiercely proud of both of them. They did the hard training, pushed themselves beyond any notion of limits, and sacrificed comfort in the moment for a long term goal.

Hard training.

Pushing ourselves beyond our perceived limits.

Sacrificing comfort now for a goal later.

I’m never going to be a runner, but these same approaches apply to just about anything important that we want to achieve, even the marathon of addressing the climate crisis and its impact on our health.

The first step in training for a marathon? Put your shoes on. Move one foot, then the next. Kind of like zazen. Sit. Breathe. Focus. Repeat.

Jo Anne Preston is a Zen Leadership practitioner.

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