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Move to Greatness

Focusing the Four Essential energies of a
Whole and Balanced Leader

Experience, explore and harness the 4 energy patterns in your nervous system and you’ll be able to do excellent things the easiest way.  You’ll discover ways to literally move into the greatness of using the right energy at the right time, and how to use these patterns to strengthen the relationships, teams and organizations around you.

What are these 4 energies?

  • The Driver pushes into every barrier with speed, directness and intensity and puts a focus on priorities, actions and the bottom line.
  • The Organizer does the right thing with discipline and order and establishes processes, clarifies roles and assigns responsibility. 
  • The Collaborator swings into playful engagement with life and the people in it, and as a leader, the Collaborator is oriented to customers, employees, loyalty and fun.
  • The Visionary goes with the flow, hangs out in the chaos, and leaps to new possibilities; the Visionary leader thinks outside the box and creates the future.

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“Move to Greatness is a must read! Its insight into the patterns of our energy represents a major breakthrough. This work is both original and immensely practical.”

Jim Loehr

Bestselling author of The Power of Full Engagement

“I can say unequivocally that the energy patterns are a most powerful concept: simply elegant and elegantly simple.”

Rebecca Barna

Former publisher of Popular Science

“Ginny’s work with the energy patterns is bringing a new dimension and depth to leadership programs.”

Stephen Rhinesmith, PhD

Author of A Manager’s Guide to Globalization