Heal 3

inner power

Putting it all together. HEAL3 prepares you with the physical condition to face challenging situations, work on a subtler level, and create what you are here to do. We’ll focus on how to sense and seize opportunities, realize a desired future and bring about change. We’ll ask you to come to this final course with a transformation project, then apply all the “flips” and practices you’ve learnt with support from instructors and a peer coaching circle. HEAL3 will bring out your healing presence and the inner power for you to make a difference.

  • Seize opportunities and sense the right timing for realizing goals.
  • Experience the “dropping away of separateness” and the “bigness of  Samadhi” through guided meditations.
  • Work through subtle fears that otherwise limit your success.
  • Continue to deepen and open through breathing, physical conditioning and zazen meditation.
  • Shape the future using a powerful shift in consciousness and a deeper understanding of what holds current issues in place.

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