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Our Leader Series is for everyone wanting to make a difference through expressing their authentic self. It takes you from training in Zen foundations through “flips” that crack open a bigger you.

You’ll experience the tools and initial “flip” where leadership begins, right the way through to being equipped to transform every corner of your life and work. You’ll explore unmapped territory that takes you to (and through) the root of your fears, and experience the joy and playful freedom on the other side. For most people who attend, the Leader Series is life-changing.

The Leader Series


Master Class 2021

Begins September 9, 1:00 pmEnds September 12, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

Deeper training to become coaches and instructors in Zen Leadership.

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Zen Leader 1 – serial course

Begins September 18, 8:00 amEnds October 23, 10:00 amOnline Serialized Program – US Central Time Zone

The best way to jump into Zen Leadership when you can’t devote a full weekend to it.

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Zen Leader 1 – Weekend Workshop Fall 2021

Begins October 21, 7:00 pmEnds October 24, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

Awaken the Zen Leader In You. Your leadership will never be the same.

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Zen Leader 2 – Weekend Workshop Fall 2021

Begins November 18, 7:00 pmEnds November 21, 12:00 pmOnline – Central Time Zone

Take the next step towards unleashing your capacity to lead from your whole self.

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Zen Leader 3 – weekend workshop (Online/US)

Begins January 27 2022, 7:00 pmEnds January 30 2022, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

This final program in the Zen Leadership trilogy completes your journey through the “flips” of The Zen Leader, equipping you with skills and practices by which you can sense the whole picture, seize opportunities and transform visions into value.

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Leaders and entrepreneurs in business and non-profit organizations who aspire to co-create, rather than cope, with the pressures of today, to embody leadership that creates their future and beyond. No previous physical training or meditation experience is required.

This is not your typical leadership session. By working ‘inside-out’ you’ll have the ability to change not just your challenges, but everything shifts and changes.


Because it cannot be grasped. Or that which we would grasp is not Zen. The very tool that we use to grasp or understand things is itself the problem. Because it thinks from the point of view of a separate self. So how can it conceive of moment-by-moment activity that resolves separation? Our mind tries to make Zen into a thing: an austere practice, a rock garden, a spa cream. Zen is no-thing, yet it can infuse all things as it comes through us acting without separation – i.e. one-with. That is what I call the Zen leader coming through you.

This unique and extraordinary training gives you the tools and practices to lead and live with clarity, authenticity, and powerful resonance.


Peruse this website, for the experience of coming to these programs is captured in the quotes and stories of many who have come before you. The rhythm of the training day is similar to that in other Zen training: starting early, running late, meditating around sun-up and sundown, with flex time and varied activities in the afternoon. By the 2nd day, this rhythm has opened people’s senses, put them their bodies; and connected them solidly to the earth; however they approach the challenges of their life and leadership is transformed from there.

This will be hard, but so worth it. It will change you. You won’t get many chances at this in this life.


Once you register for a program we will stay in touch with you on what to wear, what to bring, and other logistics. Basically, we say bring yourself (wearing comfortable workout clothes or a martial art gi if you have one) and bring a challenge you’d like new insight on.