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ZL1 introduces you to essential Zen practices to set you on the right path. We’ll guide you through FEBI, the only personality assessment that links body and mind to show you how to manage your energy. We’ll show you how to apply Zen tools from seeing two sides, to becoming the other, to reframing some of your biggest challenges. By the end, you will leave with greater energy, less mind chatter, a more grounded presence and a sustainable change in how you handle challenges.

  • Open up to a bigger sense of yourself – guaranteed.
  • Manage your energy and have more of it.
  • Improve your influencing skills and decision making.
  • Internalize your leadership style, and know how to shift when you need to.
  • Use yourself as an instrument of change and know how to bring vision to reality.
  • Acquire resilience practices you won’t want to lead without.

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Zen Leader 1 – serial course

Begins September 18, 8:00 amEnds October 23, 10:00 amOnline Serialized Program – US Central Time Zone

The best way to jump into Zen Leadership when you can’t devote a full weekend to it.

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Zen Leader 1 – Weekend Workshop Fall 2021

Begins October 21, 7:00 pmEnds October 24, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

Awaken the Zen Leader In You. Your leadership will never be the same.

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Take the time to experience a true connection with yourself.

This unique and extraordinary training gives you the tools and practices to
lead and live with clarity, authenticity, and powerful resonance.

Both deep inner work and practical assistance with leadership challenges in a
very supportive (and challenging) environment. Ginny’s warmth, humor,
accessibility, deep wisdom and power are inspiring, nurturing and unique.

This is not your typical leadership session. By working ‘inside-out’ you’ll have the ability to change not just your challenges, but everything shifts and changes.

A wonderful way to experience life that’s different than my previous experience.

The FEBI is really helpful, the body/mind/inner/outer mix is fantastic. Ginny
creates a perfect environment to let the magic happen.

This will be hard, but so worth it. It will change you. You won’t get many
chances at this in this life.

Want to get real clarity about who you are and what you want from life?
This course is for you.

It’s a transforming experience, filled with practical elements that will enrich
your leadership skills.

A completely different way of learning to lead yourself and for others with
integration of mind, body, and spirit.

I arrived at the Zen Leader training exhausted, depleted, and bordering on
depression. A mere two and a half days later, after deep nourishment on every level, I left re-energized, restored, and excited about a new vision for my business.
In a word: Transformative.

This is deep, good, applicable, very practical and profound work, and there is
no way this can go wrong.

For those prepared to rock!

This program will challenge your view of leadership as we currently know it
and use it. You will benefit from the meditation, reflection and food. This will
meet you where you are.

1000 times more than I hoped for; come with an open mind and an open heart.

Be ready for something totally different, challenging, rewarding and truly

This workshop is profoundly moving –
both physically and internally – in
ways that are larger and deeper than words. Thank you for the transformation.
I carry it with me.

The Zen Leader Program could not be more pressing or timely. Reconnecting with what we know to be true – both emotionally and physically – through this exquisitely balanced experience is transformational. I leave with joy, a renewed sense of purpose and well-being, and fueled with optimism..
I carry it with me.

The program is outstanding, unique and exceptionally valuable…the ability to
tap into and focus basic energy states of human existence is a tool I will use for
the rest of my life.