ZL1 introduces you to essential Zen practices to set you on the right path. We’ll guide you through FEBI, the only personality assessment that links body and mind to show you how to manage your energy. We’ll show you how to apply Zen tools from seeing two sides, to becoming the other, to reframing some of your biggest challenges. By the end, you will leave with greater energy, less mind chatter, a more grounded presence and a sustainable change in how you handle challenges.

  • Open up to a bigger sense of yourself – guaranteed.
  • Manage your energy and have more of it.
  • Improve your influencing skills and decision making.
  • Internalize your leadership style, and know how to shift when you need to.
  • Use yourself as an instrument of change and know how to bring vision to reality.
  • Acquire resilience practices you won’t want to lead without.

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Zen Leader 1

April 16 2020, 6:00 pmApril 19 2020, 1:00 pm // Spring Green Dojo 6743 Sneed Creek Rd.
Spring Green, Wisconsin, 53588

A focused version of the Zen Leader program with emphasis on applications to social change and equity.

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