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ZL2 tackles the root causes of fear and allows you to bring out the best in yourself and deepen relationships with others. Ideal for leaders and entrepreneurs, we’ll train in how to resolve conflict, strengthen relationships and lead with confidence. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to more advanced Zen techniques to work with your “shadow-side resistance” and its connection to fear, and “controlling the riot” within whenever you feel overwhelmed.

  • Lean into your biggest fears – and discover how they lose their leverage.
  • See conflict in a different light and use it to your advantage.
  • Use multiple perspectives to resolve competing needs without getting stuck.
  • Learn tools to empower others and bring out their best.
  • Deepen your Zen training and its practical application.


Zen Leader 2 – Weekend Workshop Fall 2021

Begins November 18, 7:00 pmEnds November 21, 12:00 pmOnline – Central Time Zone

Take the next step towards unleashing your capacity to lead from your whole self.

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This program taught me how to see things holding me back and gave me practical, transformative skills to meet each situation meaningfully.

This is a life-changing program that will help you get out of your head and more grounded in your breath and body, and help overcome fears, and gain clarity and focus.

Learning to lead fearlessly is not a one-and-done kind of training. It’s a lifelong journey, and each program you come to is like getting an additional advanced degree.

IZL is the place where deep wisdom, embodied connection, and wonderfully
talented people converge for a weekend of insight and opening that can make tectonic shifts in yourself, your life and your leadership.

This is the best leadership program I have ever been involved with and participated in. It will give you tools and practices you won’t find anywhere else.

This is a perfect program to learn and leverage embodied Zen practices to
directly bring to bear on conflicts that arise in your personal or professional life.

Do this!!!

This is a fantastic course that combines physical work, breath work, and lessons to help lead without fear and positively transform relationships. The online format worked really well.

If you want to change yourself and the world around you, this course is your guide.

This program helps one understand and develop the scaffolding for inner work that leads to greater self-awareness and empowerment.