Led by the founder of IZL, Ginny Whitelaw, and co-taught with many of you who are instructors and instructors in training, deepening the ZL curriculum in your own experience and expanding it through your expertise. Program will include practices using the flips of ZL in coaching and teaching. Additionally, we’ll be inviting guest instructors to help us further expand our capabilities as teachers and bring Zen off the cushion in areas of social equity and climate action.

  • Who can attend? ZL Instructors, graduates of ZL3, and those committed to completing their certification as ZL coaches or instructors.
  • Venue: Spring Green Dojo, Spring Green, WI
  • Cost: $1095 program only. Early Bird special $200 off if you register by April 15th. $1515 program plus 3 nights at Silverstar Inn (private room); $1365 program Silverstar lodging (shared room).

If you really want to understand where you’re stuck and be challenged in a safe environment, attend an IZL program.

If you are ready to release old patterns that get in the way of leading yourself and others, and want to build a discipline to anchor a more embodied sense of leadership, make Zen Leadership a priority.

The lessons I have learned from IZL seem to sink in deeper with each workshop…I appreciated the chance to uncover and examine my fears.  It was liberating to discover that they had no real substance.

My second IZL retreat built on the original introduction to Zen training in a way that deepened my understanding of the power of the Zen approach to get to the heart of the matter. It authentically touches people’s hearts and minds and releases them to exercise almost “natural” leadership qualities that resonate with their peers and others.

This program is essential education for the leader who seeks deeper truths and aspires to transcend self limitations.

Powerful material, experiential learning, intentional and thoughtful company, quiet setting and warming meals – I fully appreciate this experience and leave it with more of my purpose embodied and a renewed sense of possibility.