A Season of Transformation
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A Season of Transformation

Jennifer Ayres reflects on Autumn as a season of transformation – October 2020

There is no denying that life feels topsy turvy right now. Half a year of massive disruption in our lives has at least brought about the opportunity for reflection for many of us, a chance to re-evaluate our state of health, our lives, our connections, our beliefs, our core purpose. Without so much of the ‘usual’ noise to distract us, many blindspots have been obliterated. What can we now see clearly? What truths about ourselves and our world have we met eyeball to eyeball? And what do we do now?

It’s been 2 years since I first attended a Zen Leader workshop and I’m not ashamed to stay that I’m still working on flip 1 – Acceptance to Transformation – it’s a biggie. Or rather it’s a whole series of flips that range from the small to the seemingly insurmountable, from individual flips to global ones.

We all want to transform but first we need to tackle acceptance and it’s not straightforward. I find that it’s a layered process. I think I’ve accepted something and then I get triggered and realise I’m not quite there yet. In the early days, there was definitely a part of me that associated acceptance with settling for less, but true acceptance does not bind, it sets us free.

Right now, I don’t feel bound by the Covid restrictions here in the UK, I accept the situation as it truly is and I choose to act in a way that helps to protect myself and others. By not battling against what’s happening around us, I’ve been able to draw from the positive aspects of life right now and have found mental space, some stillness, some peace and now the transformation feels easy, exciting and inevitable.

Wishing you all a transformational Autumn.

Jen x

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