Stories from the Training: Katharine – Zen Leadership
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stories from the training: katharine

 From Katharine | The Zen Leader | Sharpham House:

Attracted by the opportunity to take some time away from my day job to learn about Zen Leadership and how I could engage that thinking to move from barely managing to leading fearlessly, I came to the course curious to see what it might offer. I met inspirational people with wonderful stories of good (and bad) leadership, and a shared commitment to reflect on their own leadership and learn ways of improving their leadership styles.

My ‘moment’ on the course was to find myself in a silent seated meditation completely overwhelmed by tears. Although I am someone who feels very open to my emotions, I haven’t previously cried (or perhaps more accurately wept) whilst on a course! A powerful moment to find myself touching something which has been locked away, deep inside me, only just over a day into the course, and all through doing ‘nothing’. It felt like a very powerful moment, a chance to reflect on my own thoughts and ambitions, and to consider whether I was being true to them. Realising that I’d managed to keep the whole outpouring of emotion silent whilst enabling my mind to be still is an experience I won’t forget in a hurry! It made me realise that there are some changes I have been wanting to make, and as a direct result of the course, I’m beginning to make those changes happen.

I also will treasure my walk through the Sharpham estate that afternoon, towards the end of which I made a phone call and noticed that my response to the conversation was already different. In a good and very positive way. Long may that change continue!

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