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4 Energy Patterns (Page 2)

ZL1 participants sitting around table
Feeling Low?

Feeling Low?

Jul 29 2016

Have you ever had a client with each pattern showing up low? This article provides examples of workplace behaviors that can be see for each…

Organizer Energizer

Organizer Energizer

Mar 15 2016

Quick tip on how to get started when you’re feeling stuck by evoking the Organizer energy pattern that FEBI measures. -Anthony Attan Click here to…

Driver Energizer- From Distracting to Dominating

Part 1 of this blog series called The Patterns of FEBI digs into the Driver. In this five-part series, we explore each pattern measured by…

conductor hands How To Get Stuff Done

How To Get Stuff Done

Jan 30 2014

I was meeting with a client some years ago – a great, bright leader – on what we were going to focus on in some…