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FEBI learning lounge banner What is Whole Leadership?

If you are reading this post you have likely heard the term ‘whole leadership’ and are wondering what in the world we are talking about.…

FEBI learning lounge banner Why Driver Matters and, for that Matter, Why FEBI Matters

The patterns are always teaching me something.  I just had a FEBI debrief session yesterday with a terrific physical therapist.  Her specialty is working with…

FEBI learning lounge banner Energy Patterns Helping To Form New Habits

We are now five weeks into the New Year and for many this means resolutions are beginning to fade in lieu of old habits.  What…

FEBI learning lounge banner Using Physical Activities in Leadership Development Coaching

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw shares how she uses physical activities as coaching recommendations for developing the energy patterns.

FEBI learning lounge banner Interview with FEBI Coach Rhonda Morton

Recently FEBI Certified Coach Rhonda Morton was interviewed by the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. In addition to sharing her expertise on the power…

FEBI learning lounge banner Leadership Coaching with Physical Activities and the Energy Patterns

Blog rewind: We went back to our archives to bring you our most popular posts from the old blog. Here is a Q & A written…

FEBI learning lounge banner FEBI Coaching Tool

FEBI Coaching Tool

Jan 11 2012

The coaching profession continues to grow. A recent global survey found that 77% of organizations around the world are currently using coaches to develop their…