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ZL1 participants sitting around table
How Joy Guides Us In Facing Climate And Other Messes

Dr. Whitelaw explores how are can use joy to face into any challenge.

Bread and Circuses: Leading Beyond Distractions

Dr. Whitelaw reflects on all of the catastrophes that are happening around the world. She reminds us that flipping from coping to transforming can help everyone face into any challenge they encounter.

The Active Leadership Ingredients That Turn Food Into Medicine

Dr. Whitelaw shares a story from IZL instructor Dr. Kristi Crymes. Dr. Crymes is helping to hold space for circle gathering that are changing lives and building community.

Igniting a Healing Explosion

 Jen Ayres talks about the importance of internal work and the maintenance that is required – February 2020 Expansion, Paige Bradley    Igniting a Healing Explosion How often…