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ZL1 participants sitting around table
The Heart of a New Social Contract

“I can’t breathe!” The dying words of George Floyd. The shock wave through many of us on seeing the senseless brutality of a knee on neck. The exasperated recognition that this death is yet another in a long chain of deaths and violence against black people.

Brave New World

Brave New World

May 18 2020

The U.K. was put into lockdown on 23 March in an unprecedented step to attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus. As we move into week 9 of the crisis, government focus is shifting from the health dangers of the virus and focusing on the consequences of the economic shutdown.

We are all Zen Women

We are all Zen Women

May 04 2020

Rebecca Ryan explores the roles of women in the world of Zen – May 2020 “Where are the women in Zen?” she asked at the…

Zen Lessons to Help Us Live through Lockdown

These are times when we need to hear some positive news. Over the last week, I’ve been attempting to write this blog post and find…

Every Moment Matters

Every Moment Matters

Apr 08 2020

A tragic double homicide sliced through our community last week, tearing Beth Potter and Robin Carre away from us, and away from so many people…

COVID-19 Grounded

COVID-19 Grounded

Mar 24 2020

Andy Robins talks about ways he is grounding himself and his family during this crisis – March 2020 Over the last week, I’ve written this…

Messages from the Future

It’s not often that we get to hear from the future  when we’re facing such disruptive, fluid conditions as we are now. But here’s an…

Sitting Zazen edited Join us for the Daily Virtual Sit

It feels critical that we offer people an opportunity to sit together in the midst of anxiety and fear. “Social distancing” is good medical advice, but we need to remind ourselves and each other that we are connected, not separate.

Women’s History Month: Think About, Celebrate a Strong Woman

Adrienne Hampton reflects on Women’s History Month and a strong woman in her life. – March 2020 Women’s History Month: Think About, Celebrate a Strong…