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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Growing Up In A Time Of Divisions – Schismogenesis

Dr. Whitelaw explores schismogenesis, the creation of divisions. She also offers ways to bridge those gaps.

How Joy Guides Us In Facing Climate And Other Messes

Dr. Whitelaw explores how are can use joy to face into any challenge.

Bread and Circuses: Leading Beyond Distractions

Dr. Whitelaw reflects on all of the catastrophes that are happening around the world. She reminds us that flipping from coping to transforming can help everyone face into any challenge they encounter.



Jul 01 2020

Rebecca Ryan on living fully in the body, like a child – July 2020 I still laugh when I remember this… My friends Steve and…

5 Alternative FAQs

5 Alternative FAQs

Mar 19 2019

Inspired by a suggestion from IZL alum and organizer, Jen Ayres, and our recommitted effort to be more consistent with our newsy updates, I’ll try…

Antenna The Energy of Agile Leadership: from Antenna to Arrow

Leadership runs on energy. As that energy runs through the human nervous system, four patterns emerge that show up in four ways of moving, four…

Wooden stairs Leading in Transitions

FocusOn Spring, 2016 Leading in Transitions -Ginny Whitelaw I was speaking with a colleague last week about his doctoral research into leaders in transition. His…

Driver Energizer- From Distracting to Dominating

Part 1 of this blog series called The Patterns of FEBI digs into the Driver. In this five-part series, we explore each pattern measured by…

Santa flying in the sunlight Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

Dec 23 2015

The winter solstice is upon us: the darkest time of the year in this northern hemisphere. And with the recent terrorism in Paris and San…