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Muddy feet That’s My Inner Voice?

That’s My Inner Voice?

May 10 2019

That’s my inner voice? Following her blog post last month, discussing her frustrations with maintaining a regular meditation practice, Jen Ayres has been getting to…

2 Hacks to Lead (More) Fearlessly

2 Hacks to Lead (More) Fearlessly

Apr 16 2019

2 hacks to lead (more) fearlessly I see you, trying to lead your team from the “old” world of stability and certainty to the “new”…

Fireworks FocusOn Winter, 2018

FocusOn Winter, 2018

Jan 07 2018

focus on winter, 2018 FocusOn Winter, 2018 Moving beyond fear into the New Year “Fear is excitement without the breath.” – Fritz Perls Just back…

Light at the end of the stairs Moving Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Fear

Oct 08 2017

moving beyond fear Ginny Whitelaw and David Riordan for Integral Life: originally posted October 7, 2017 It is my pleasure today to talk with Ginny…

Stones at Spring Green Zen Leadership: Taking Away Fear

Zen Leadership: Taking Away Fear

Mar 14 2016

zen leadership: taking away fear I took my first Zen Leader weekend training in January 2015 and immediately knew in my bones that this was…