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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Arranged Flowers If I Break the Stem of This Flower, Can You Feel It?

I recently attended a “Zen and Climate Action” workshop at Daikozen-ji, our new Madison Zen Dojo. During his talk, Gordon Greene Roshi reached toward a…

5 Alternative FAQs – Resonating on Mifflin St.

5 ALTERNATIVE FAQS Launching off the question I get asked most often, here’s inviting you into a bit of the magic I saw this past…

And Back To One

And Back To One

May 28 2019

Greetings from Spring Green! This week, about 15 of us are in Wisconsin attending summer sesshin, seven days of intensive Zen training. We spend many…

Snow covered lantern Zen Leadership Post

Zen Leadership Post

Jan 08 2018

Message from Ginny: I write, a storm rages up the East coast, bringing damage and disruption in its wake, even as it deposits a fine…

Fireworks FocusOn Winter, 2018

FocusOn Winter, 2018

Jan 07 2018

FocusOn Winter, 2018 Moving beyond fear into the New Year “Fear is excitement without the breath.” – Fritz Perls Just back from integral Life’s What…