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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Your life + Zen = What?

Your life + Zen = What?

Apr 01 2019

IZL alum and self-described Zen “newbie”, Jen Ayres, joins Rebecca Ryan and Ginny Whitelaw as a 3rd voice in these biweekly updates and conversation starters.…

Brand, Leadership, and Spirituality

Brand, Leadership, and Spirituality

Dec 21 2018

When does a spiritual Way become leadership? When does leadership become a spiritual Way? I’ve been reflecting on our new brand, our radiating Zen Leader…

Zen garden in black and white Realizing the Zen Leader: Recounting the Journey

Realizing the Zen Leader: Recounting the Journey

Sep 23 2012

We often hear from readers of The Zen Leader, talking about their reactions, experiences or insights as they read the book and work through the…