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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Muddy feet That’s My Inner Voice?

That’s My Inner Voice?

May 10 2019

Following her blog post last month, discussing her frustrations with maintaining a regular meditation practice, Jen Ayres has been getting to know her inner critic…

5 Alternative FAQs- Resonance

5 Alternative FAQs- Resonance

Apr 30 2019

Here’s riffing off the question I get asked most often. And here’s wishing you a wonderful spring and extending a warm invite to join us…

2 Hacks to Lead (More) Fearlessly

2 Hacks to Lead (More) Fearlessly

Apr 16 2019

I see you, trying to lead your team from the “old” world of stability and certainty to the “new” frontier of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity…

Your life + Zen = What?

Your life + Zen = What?

Apr 01 2019

IZL alum and self-described Zen “newbie”, Jen Ayres, joins Rebecca Ryan and Ginny Whitelaw as a 3rd voice in these biweekly updates and conversation starters.…

5 Alternative FAQs

5 Alternative FAQs

Mar 19 2019

Inspired by a suggestion from IZL alum and organizer, Jen Ayres, and our recommitted effort to be more consistent with our newsy updates, I’ll try…

metal wheel in grass Zen Leaders and Social Change

Zen Leaders and Social Change

Mar 08 2019

Before last November’s U.S. midterm elections, I felt a familiar hope rising up. I was excited about the women and people of color running for…

Antenna The Energy of Agile Leadership: from Antenna to Arrow

The Energy of Agile Leadership: from Antenna to Arrow

Apr 29 2016

Leadership runs on energy. As that energy runs through the human nervous system, four patterns emerge that show up in four ways of moving, four…