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Take the FEBI Challenge.

No matter where you are this august, take FEBI with you.

Meet yourself in a new way, through the lens of the FEBI—the only “personality test” that links mind, body, and everyday behaviors.

FEBI measures four energy patterns within us all: Driver, Visionary, Organizer, and Collaborator. It goes beyond the head, connecting the mind to the body, and identifies physical activities that strengthen each of the patterns.

Need more focus, discipline, ease with people, or big-picture thinking? There’s a pattern for each of those, and ways to physically cultivate it. 

This August, we are challenging you to learn about your natural energy patterns and design a practice to develop the energy pattern of your choosing. Sign up today.

How do I Take the FEBI Challenge?

  • Register today to take the FEBI Challenge from August 1-31
  • Discover your energy patterns with the mini FEBI assessment
  • Pick a goal: mature your strongest pattern or shore up your weakest pattern
  • Design a practice for the month of August to develop the energy pattern of your choosing—we have lots of resources to help with planning!
  • Share your journey:
    • Keep us and your friends posted on social media with #FEBI Challenge
    • At the end of the Challenge, submit a short entry (150 words or less) about your experience
  • Win prizes! Based on submissions at the end of the Challenge, four participants will be awarded the a chance to take the full FEBI for free, AND their choice of:
    • Free one-on-one FEBI coaching session
    • Free attendance to FEBI-4U course

Meet the four energy patterns of the FEBI


The fire: igniting rapid action with its driving sense of urgency. The characteristic movement: push.


The air: open and without boundary, expanding outside the box. Characteristic movement: extending, expanding.


The earth: solid, stable—someone you can count on. Characteristic move: hold form.


The water: Flowing and navigating in the give and take of relationships. Characteristic movement: swinging back and forth.

1. Discover your Energy Patterns

Do you have the focus of the Driver? The creativity of the Visionary? Discover your strongest and weakest energy patterns with the FREE Mini FEBI.

How do I Register?

When you take the Mini FEBI, there will be a check box to register for the Challenge. Make sure to check it if you want to receive Challenge materials and be in official consideration for awards at the end of the Challenge!

2. design a practice

Our energy patterns show up in our relationships, cultures, and in everything we do, build, and lead. Any of the energy patterns can be cultivated with practice. This is your chance to define a set of habits and activities to further develop the energy pattern of your choosing.

Design a practice to mature your strongest energy pattern or shore up your weakest pattern.

Want to harness the Collaborator at work? Resolve to begin each meeting with an open-form check-in. Want to tap in to the big-picture thinking of the Visionary? Resolve to take a morning walk with your camera ready to capture anything that catches your eye.

Don’t know where to start? Browse our chart of development suggestions. When you register for the Challenge, you will receive additional suggestions via email throughout the month!

3. track Your Transformation

Whether calling forth your weakest pattern or vibing with your strongest, track your progress throughout the month of August.

More fun with friends!

Share with friends using #FEBIChallenge on social media (Hint: This is a great way to get ahead in the “Most Collaborative” award category).

Tell us how it went

Submit a short entry (150 words or less) telling us your story at the end of the month.

We will use submissions to decide on four prize winners at the end of the Challenge.

Share on Social Media

Share your journey. Find inspiration and inspire others. We hope this Challenge connects you to a community of fellow big-thinkers.

Share with #FEBIChallenge

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4. Win Prizes

When the Challenge comes to a close, we will award four participants based on your submissions one in each category:

  1. Best Outcome
  2. Most Consistent
  3. Most Collaborative
  4. Most Imaginative

FEBI Challenge award winners will be invited to take the full FEBI assessment for free and the choice between free admission in a FEBI-4U program OR a free one-on-one FEBI coaching session.

Our expanded FEBI offerings are available at any time! You can sign up any time throughout the Challenge. If you are one of the four award winners, your registration fees will be reimbursed.

Sign up today to take the FEBI Challenge! Wherever you go this August, take FEBI with you.


What is FEBI?

Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) is a validated psychometric instrument that measures 4 energy patterns in the nervous system that map to 4  factors of personality, 4 ways of moving, and 4 essential modes of leadership. FEBI doesn’t confine you to a box or confine personality to the head, but rather shows how to work with the body and mind together so you can win on your strengths and use the right energy at the right time.

90% of communication is nonverbal, i.e. subtle body gestures and the energy we project. Isn’t it time you learned what that 90% is saying? The FEBI is the only personality instrument that goes beyond your head to measure the energy patterns of the whole you. It goes beyond self awareness (i.e., knowing habitual preferences) to self regulation and a fluid approach to change. You’ll learn how to access any pattern you need for your life and leadership and how to use the right energy at the right time. FEBI is also a great team tool. You’ll learn how to read the energy of others and communicate in ways that get others moving with you.

What is the difference between Mini FEBI and Full Febi?

The mini FEBI is a free sample that includes a few questions from the full version and insights on your energy patterns. The full FEBI is a longer assessment that offers much more in-depth results, including: a fully detailed report on your energy patterns, along with development suggestions. Part of the prize for winners of the FEBI Challenge is a chance to take the full FEBI for free.

Is it free to participate?

Yes! The FEBI Challenge is completely free.

When is the Challenge?

The Challenge starts on August 1st and ends August 31st.

How Will you know I did the Challenge?

We will track participation in two ways:

  1. Make sure you check the check box to register when you take the mini FEBI
  2. Complete your submission form at the end of the month

When will winners be Announced?

Winners will be announced on September 2nd.

What happens if I win the challenge, but I already paid for an upcoming FeBI course or coaching session?

You can sign up for FEBI-4U or one-on-one FEBI coaching at any time. If you are one of the four FEBI Challenge award winners, your registration fees will be reimbursed.