Emily Alpert
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Emily Alpert

Master FEBI Coach and FEBI Operations Manager

Emily was an average undergrad in 2013, then suddenly she wasn’t. Through happenstance, magic or fate, she found herself being interviewed by Ginny Whitelaw and Mark Kiefaber about conducting research on the FEBI personality assessment they created—truly the dream of every up-and-coming psychology student! A year later, the study was finished, and Emily was back at the table with Ginny and Mark, now being offered a job.

Fast forward again, and Emily is asked to join FEBI Certification training calls to talk about her research. Joining more calls, she became curious about coaching. While Emily was working on her Master’s degree in I/O Psychology with a specialty in leadership development, Dr. Ginny gave her the chance to attend a coaching school, become FEBI Certified, and co-teach FEBI Certification. As she was finishing her degree, she held her first FEBI coaching call, now as a fully certified coach, and concluded, “I know what I want to do with the rest of my life.” 

Present day, Emily is guiding other coaches through and beyond FEBI certification, teaching several sessions per year with some amazing co-facilitators. The FEBI, now translated into 4 languages, is being taken by coaches to places Emily could only have dreamed of. When Emily isn’t coaching, teaching, or co-creating the FEBI Coach Community, you can often find her with a book and coffee or spending time with her partner while they laugh at their cat. Emily is also an avid rock climber.