Ina Kielley
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Ina Kielley

Program and Community Manager

Ina Kielley is IZL’s Program and Community Manager. She’s delighted to be working with all of you, and to getting to know as many of you as she can in the coming months.

She is stationed in Milwaukee, where she grew up as a kid with her older brother. Her folks were born in Latvia and came to the US as teenagers. She’s married now, with 2 daughters, Serena, and Lorelei, living close to Washington Park, the site of Milwaukee’s first zoo 100 years ago.

She’s been fortunate enough to do a variety of jobs in life, including working in development and administration in arts organizations in Milwaukee, and as a sports massage therapist for over 15 years. She’s also an artist, practicing mostly in textile design and watercolor.

At the core of everything she’s done, has been a desire to see other human beings lifted to a higher level physically, spiritually, and mentally, through experiences, practices, and healing modalities.

Some of her current fascinations and interests include plant based cooking, body language and behavioral profiling, true crime, the art of finding true joy, and, of course, meditation.

She’s incredibly excited to be part of this organization. She welcomes any and all questions and conversations from all of you. She’s honored to move forward with you in continuing to build a thriving IZL community!