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Justine Kapitzke

Digital Marketing Specialist

Justine Kapitzke loves to get lost. Lost in a book, lost in the woods, lost in a project, lost in wonder. She is seeking to understand what it means to occupy space in this world. Her current “how” is studying Chosei Zen. She practices zazen and kendo at Daikozen-ji in Madison, Wisconsin. In her practice, she has found a structure which allows her to dive deeper, challenge herself, and build resiliency. When not working or studying, she is probably rollerblading, gardening, cooking for friends, or annoying her husband and cats.

As the Digital Marketing Strategist for IZL and Chosei Zen, she hopes to harness the digital space to help more people discover the transformative powers of IZL and Chosei Zen. She is excited to connect with new and existing audiences through social media, blogs, and newsletters.