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Stephanie Yanis

Office Manager

Stephanie Yanis has always had a passion for nonprofit work. She started her own volunteer organization back in 2010 when she was 23 years old. Through her organization, she has helped thousands of cats and continues to do so today. In searching for a career, she knew she wanted to do something with purpose, so when she saw the IZL job posting, she knew she had to apply.

Stephanie has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology with a specialty in Forensic Criminology. Although her career is not in that field, her goal has always been to make a positive difference, and she is able to do just that through IZL and her own organization. As Office Manager, she keeps the organization running smoothly by handling the billing, onboarding, nonprofit paperwork, and anything else needed to ensure IZL’s important work can continue without interruption. She also assists our sister organization, Chosei Zen.

When Stephanie isn’t managing IZL or rescuing cats, you can find her listening to music, playing piano, attending concerts, or spending time with her husband and cats.