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The Zen Leader

10 ways to go from barely managing to leading fearlessly

As physicist Max Planck observed, “Change how you look at things and the things you look at change.” The Zen Leader takes you on a journey of ‘flips” that change how you look at everything, especially yourself. Your ability to make a positive difference, which is what we mean by leadership, will expand at every turn.

What would you make possible…

…if you could lead with greater wisdom and less fear, attracting the future, rather than driving you or your people to exhaustion? This book is your guide to using pressure to propel profound “flips” in consciousness that change everything.

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Download the first chapter of The Zen Leader here.


Where Zen Leadership Begins

Here’s where Zen Leadership and really all leadership begins: with the first flip from coping to co-creating, where you begin to transform the world around you!

Infographic: 10 Essential Flips of Zen Leadership

Get this handy inforgraphic designed by Diane Chencharick as a reminder of the 10 flips and how to enter each one.

Already have the book?

Here is where you can download the useful exercises mentioned in the book. To can apply again and again.


“The Zen Leader will make you ‘flip’ from the inside out! Use it to shift your mind-set, heart-set, and self-set into a new, authentic way of leading and living. The 10 ways to ‘flip’ into leading fearlessly are brilliant.”

Kevin Cashman

bestselling author of Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

“The Zen Leader is an important and very helpful book in the science and art of leadership…it outlines 10 fundamental shifts or “flips” that can move you from small mind to Big Mind, bringing an expanded capacity of leadership with each one.”

Ken Wilber

bestselling author of The Integral Vision

“A terrific contribution filled with original insights and solutions.”

Jim Loehr

New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Full Engagement

“In this remarkable book, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw sharpens the reader’s abilities to reframe everything…[she] provides grounding in practical leadership applications just as she introduces the next stretching insight. This book is a gift that keeps on giving.”

Ed Bernard

Former Vice Chairman of T. Rowe Price