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Connecting at an IZL program

Disturbed waters. Dysfunctional systems. Disrupted plans.
It can be hard to stay energized and effective,
Or make a positive difference.
And yet, you’re committed to doing so.

we Equip you with physical zen training and the leadership
skills most needed today

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So that you can lead beyond doubt, fear and ego,
Get others resonating with you.
And make your greatest difference with joy, wisdom and wonder.

It’s life-changing, unbelievable. There’s nothing else like this out there. The Zen Leader courses are fire.”

Ernie Capbert at Zen Leader

HERE ARE SOME of the endless possibilities from leaders who have trained with us:

The Experience

Prepare to expand your sense of self,
transform relationships, and become
a powerful force for positive change.

Hear founder, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw,
speak to what makes IZL programs
unique and how they can help
you live and lead your best life.

explore our
Certification Pathways

pathway overview

Discover our 5 pathways and the right one for you

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Zen Leader practitioner

The Way for people committed to be a positive force

Learn More

HEAL practitioner

The Way for leaders and practitioners in healthcare

Learn More

FEBI Coach

The Way for coaches to learn a powerful mind-body tool

Learn More

Zen Leadership coach

The Way for coaches to work with the radical “flips” of ZL

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zen leadership instructor

The Way for those who want to teach ZL

Learn More

Upcoming Programs:

FEBI-4U April 26th and May 17th

Online, live, 2-session interactive course to discover your inner team of energy patterns.

Learn More

ZL2/HEAL2 May 12-15, 2022

Online, live, instructor-led immersion program concentrated over a long weekend.

Learn More

HEAL1 online 6-week program fall 2022

The best way to jump into Healthy Embodied Agile Leadership when your busy healthcare schedule can’t let you devote a full weekend to it.

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partner & Upcoming Events

90-day Talk: Transforming Habit with Robins Roshi
on April 10th

90-day Talk: The Habit of Breaking Habits with Whitelaw Roshi
on April 19th

Not sure where to get started? No problem.
Let us know your interest and we’ll be happy to connect you
with the right person or program.


from our community
May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

On my kitchen windowsill is one of my grandmother’s orchids. I brought it home after she passed away earlier this year as it wasn’t faring so well without her particular care and attention – I understood how it felt. Although I’m still a newbie gardener and have zero experience with orchids, it started to revive and I felt the joy of her presence again.

Making Peace in the War of Perfectionism

Making Peace in the War of Perfectionism

But in some ways, it can still be beautiful. Just like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where we put broken pieces of pottery together with gold, there is simple beauty beyond perfection in embracing our imperfections and flaws as artfully raw and human.



I am learning about belonging. The teachings of belongingness have come to me slowly from many wise people, communities, and nature. These teachings over the years are like walking a labyrinth, leading me towards the center and away, and towards the center and away from it again and again.  A journey.