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Connecting at an IZL program

BY developing your most resonant self

OUR Leadership Programs, Coaching and Resources Support You in Making a Positive Impact on the World.

Making a difference might feel extra hard right now as we live in critical times defined by racial reckoning, social injustice, a heating-up planet, political polarization and the day-to-day struggles of managing your life and work in a global pandemic. We surface the Zen Leader in you by connecting with a surprising power source in your own body. Wicked problems call for wisdom, connectedness and resilience. We train you in all three, and we make it physical because what’s physical is trainable and enduring. By optimizing your whole self as an instrument for leadership and impact, the self that feels stuck can reframe challenges into opportunities. Drawing on inspiration from teachers and joining forces with colleagues, you’ll begin to move freely through life and beyond the fears that otherwise hold you back.

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prepare to change your relationship with yourself and everyone around you. become an instrument of positive change.

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Virtual Programs

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Zen Leader Pathway

Our Leader Series is for everyone wanting to make a difference through expressing their authentic self. This training cracks open a bigger you by combining the full strengths of Zen training and the most important leadership skills of today applied in service of your connected purpose.

You’ll integrate the tools and “flips” where Zen leadership begins, and transform habits with more than just good intentions. Don’t settle for a prison of the past when you can co-create the present and attract the future.  We show you how. For most people who attend, the Leader Series is life-changing.



Our HEAL Series explores Zen leadership and it’s applications to healthcare. You’ll learn how to sustainably thrive and be a force for positive change in your patients, practices and systems.

We train “deep into the bones” how to face some of the most pressing issues for healthcare professionals. These courses apply the tools and “flips” in Zen training to overcome burnout and transform challenges into opportunities. Explore with colleagues how to become an instrument for healing patients and systems alike. Our community of Zen Leaders in healthcare is expanding and the results are transformative.

FEBI Programs

FEBI is a psychometrically validated personality instrument that uniquely integrates mind, body and behaviors; it is a gateway to working with the mind-body as one and, for many, to a pathway to deeper training. When you make something physical, you make it trainable, which is what makes FEBI such a powerful and practical tool to add to your teaching and coaching. FEBI certification will equip you to coach individuals using FEBI, to facilitate FEBI-based team sessions, and to run FEBI-based programs.   

Some prior coaching, consulting, counseling or teaching experience is required; contact us if you have questions about your readiness to jump into FEBI certification.  


Reveal a newfound courage, resilience and grounded-ness. Our Zen leadership courses are a challenging and safe environment for self-discovery as you peel back the layers and see yourself clearly, sometimes for the first time.


The body wants to practice. The Zen Leader courses will show you physical practices that can help you move past stuck points and become your most authentic self.


Connect with yourself, your colleagues, and your purpose. Our Zen Leader courses offer techniques you can take with you to gather like-minded people to reach a higher goal.


The beauty and the stillness that can be found in the settings around the Zen Leader courses can inspire the creativity in anyone. What will it inspire in you?

It’s life-changing, unbelievable. There’s nothing else like this out there. The Zen Leader courses are fire.”

Ernie Capbert at Zen Leader


Master the principle that lets you live your most significant life, from reshaping relationships to realizing large-scale change. That principle is resonance and this book is your guide.

experience resonate! Course starts September 13th!

We’ve partnered with a powerhouse online training company to bring you “Resonate.” Premium Pricing ends July 19th.


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