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Our Purpose

We supercharge people committed to making a positive difference with the bigness of Zen and skills of leadership so they’re more successful and inexhaustible.

Issues cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them.

– Albert Einstein

We evolve consciousness, dissolve fear and the illusion of separateness, enabling leaders to resonate with the wisdom of connectedness.


Most people struggle to stay effective and energized in these wildly disruptive times; we combine the Zen breakthrough of ego with embodied leadership skills, so they can lead with purpose, joy and resilience and get breakthrough results.


Let us support you in manifesting your purpose. Zen training creates the condition in your body that, combined with leadership skills, allows you to create what you’re here to do.

These frustrations are
based in the
same illusion:

that of an ego-identity and separateness that is not your greatest truth.

Many wisdom traditions point to this greater truth, but Zen training makes it an embodied experience, so that you can increasingly function from this bigger, boundless sense of who you are.

Zen Leadership goes beyond stress reduction or thought-centered mindfulness to fundamentally reframe the challenges you face, the limits that hold you back, and the energy you work with, so that what resonates as your work to do – your purpose – can play through.