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Live your most significant, joyful and resilient life mastering the principle of resonance. Get a sample chapter, videos to accompany practices, webcasts of presentations and interviews, or learn more about the book and the course.

The Zen Leader

What if you could lead with greater wisdom and less fear? Let this book guide you through 10 profound flips that change everything. Get sample chapters, downloadable exercises, videos to accompany practices, and/or the book itself.

move to greatness

Discover the 4 energy patterns that literally move you into your greatest potential. Get downloadable exercises, a measure of your favorite and least-favorite patterns, pattern resources, movement videos and even the book.

Nautilus Book Award Interview

Enjoy this Author Spotlight interview with Christine Upchurch and Ginny Whitelaw on the book, Resonate, winner of two Nautilus Book Awards.

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Check out her monthly articles on smart strategies from Zen Leadership and the science of resonance.

A Resonant Reminder

Download this Resonate infographic designed by Resonate illustrator, Mary Michaud, as a reminder of your 10 crucial tools and essential practices for living your most resonant life.

Book Duo

Get both books and go to work with the flips of The Zen Leader and the energy patterns of Move to Greatness.

Book Trio

Get all three signed books at a discount in our Resonant Coach Kit.

Infographic: The 10 Essential Flips

Download this handy infographic, designed by Diane Chencharick, summarizing the 10 essential flips to leading fearlessly.