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Zen Leader 3

Leading transformation:

Complete your journey through the “flips” of The Zen Leader, with skills and practices by which you sense the whole picture, break through limits, and transform yourself to bring a desired future into the present.

What will you learn?

  • How you limit yourself and how to stop doing it
  • How to embody a change you want to see
  • How to leverage the science of resonance and heart-brain coherence to create a desired future
  • How to work with the liberating and manifesting energy currents
  • How to apply a Zen Toolkit to a transformation project of your choosing
  • How to support colleagues and be supported in implementing your transformation project
  • How to flip from your local self to your whole self and how that changes everything
  • How to experience “host” and “guest” – the final flip of Zen Leadership

“The design and instruction of the courses are masterful and the learning gets put right into your bones through the practices. You can’t help but walk away as a different person- with a new vision manifesting through a new body, and with clearer intention in each new step.”

Kelly Bannister, Ph.D.
Biocultural Ethicist, ZL3 Participant

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How does it work?

  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Starts Thurs evening, runs through the weekend, and finishes Sun at lunch
  • Different sessions accommodate different time zones


  • Arc of Transformation
  • Breaking through your upper limits
  • Hara development and liberating energy
  • Applying a Zen toolkit to your transformation project
  • Uncovering the future that wants to come through you
  • From local self to whole self –  leading as the whole picture
  • From guest to host  -the final flip of Zen leadership
  • Inviting the body for transformation

Image and hexagram by Kelly Bannister

What’s included:

  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Coaching both during and after the program to help you apply the “flips” of Zen Leadership to your own transformation project
  • Deepening in Zen meditation and invitation to the boundlessness of Samadhi
Program Fee
Regular Fee$549
Early Bird Discount up to 6 weeks before $489
Extra Early Bird Discount up to 10 weeks before $429
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Zen Leader 3: Online Weekend Program November 2023

November 30 – December 3

This final program in the Zen Leadership trilogy completes your journey through the “flips” of The Zen Leader, equipping you with skills and practices by which you can sense the whole picture, seize opportunities and transform visions into value.

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ZL3 EU Cohort, May 2021

“The Zen Leader Program helps you reflect on what’s important and connect your energy to actions that address real-world needs, big and small. It starts with awareness, and moves you to action!”

Tim Heinze, SVP

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“ZL3 is a life-changing workshop that allows the creation of space to become your transformed self/being.”

Marcela Kyngesburye, transformational leader

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“ZL3 reinforces learning from the first two courses and takes you beautifully to the clear definition of a transformation project. You leave equipped with all the resources you will need for it to succeed – so long as you keep breathing!”

Kath Bourke, Director Coombe Reed Associates

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“I came into the program for clarity in different phases of my life and I end the program not only with clarity but with the tools to create and see the bigger picture. I feel blessed.”

Lois Pfeiffer, The Bigger Picture

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What if I register and then something comes up and I can’t attend the program?

We’ll be glad to roll your registration forward to a future offering of the program at the same price.

What if I miss part of the program?

Part of what makes our programs so strong is the sense of community in the cohort, so we encourage you to attend all sessions live.  If you have to miss 1-2 hours, we’ll help you get caught up. If you have to miss more than that, we’ll suggest rolling your registration forward to the next offering.

Do I have to have taken Zen Leader 1 and Zen Leader 2 first?

You’ll want to have taken one of the foundational courses first (i.e., Zen Leader 1, HEAL1,  or Resonate) so you’re familiar with basics that we build on in this session, but if it works better for your schedule, you can take ZL2 and ZL3 in reverse order.   

What if I can’t afford the program?

If you’re committed to training with us, we’d like to try to make it possible for you.  We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to our programs. If you’d like to apply for one, here is an application.

What follows ZL3?

For 3 months after the program, you’ll participate with peers in follow-on coaching to help you implement your transformation project. We’ll then regather in a session where you’ll officially graduate and receive your Zen Leader Practitioner (ZLP) certification. You’ll then be eligible to attend periodic ZLP events, including the annual master class and ZL+, and/or continue in further training to become a ZL Coach or Instructor. You are also welcome to continue in Chosei Zen training without limit.