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Zen leadership Instructor

You’ve experienced the flips of Zen Leadership or the power of resonance, or perhaps you’re oriented toward embodied leadership and are just now finding this pathway. If you’re sensing it can take you further than any other, you’d be right.

Become a certified Zen Leadership Instructor, qualified to teach Zen leadership in your work, expand our curriculum through your expertise and join the pool we draw from in staffing our programs.

In addition to Practitioner pathway courses and FEBI certification, Zen Leadership Instructor certification requires regular attendance at our annual Master Class and instructor-level training with our sister organization, Chosei Zen, including at least two intensive 4-day sesshin or keishin (i.e., online training). 

It’s bigger than you think.
Stop thinking.

-Ginny Whitelaw

Who is it for?

  • You’re a teacher, facilitator or leadership development professional who wants to help leaders break free of ego-based limitations
  • You’re motivated to train in Zen and want to integrate Zen and Zen leadership principles into your teaching or facilitation
  • You’d like to qualify for paid teaching work with IZL

Prerequisites: experience in teaching, facilitation, leadership or leadership development. Ask us if you have questions about qualifying.

How does it work?

The Zen Leadership Instructor pathway starts with one of the Practitioner pathways (i.e., Zen Leader or HEAL Practitioner pathway) and FEBI Certification.  It adds personalized guidance from instructors, opportunities to teach ZL, regular connection to the IZL community, instructor-level Zen training with Chosei Zen and regular attendance at IZL’s annual Master Class.

Master Class

What will you learn?

  • How to teach the flips of Zen Leadership and associated curriculum
  • How to apply Zen leadership to personal, professional and societal challenges
  • How to apply best practices and feedback from others in strengthening your own teaching
  • How to deepen your own exploration of teaching from connected consciousness
  • How to apply Zen leadership to better care for people (including racial justice and social change) and the planet.


  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Weekend starts Thursday evening, runs through the weekend, and finishes Sunday at lunch

Chosei Zen Training

What will you learn?

  • How to do Zen meditation and lead meditation sessions in a deeply physical, hara-centered way
  • How to break through self-imposed limits and radically expand your capacity
  • How to develop supporting practices (e.g., chanting, shakuhachi, ceramics, Tai chi, Kyudo,  yoga) that augment your training
  • How to apply Zen training in your life and work

See the website of our sister organization, Chosei Zen, for a full description of training opportunities ·


In-person and online training available; see Chosei Zen website for details.

There was the usual boisterous chatter
among the tangled roots
of the Tree of Fear.

When unexpectedly,
Not Enoughness – who is always cowering in a small nook, taking up as little space as possible –
puffed up and piped up in a sufficiently audible voice:
“Is that so?”

like the hara breath-sword that cuts through neurotic thought,
the chatter

– Kelly Bannister, Biocultural Ethicist

Zen Leadership Instructor CERTIFICATION*

ZL Instructor Starting From ->Already FEBI & Practitioner Certified Already Practitioner Certified Already FEBI Certified New to IZL
Practitioner Courses
FEBI Certification
Master Class
Training with Chosei Zen**
Fee$549$1295 (>$200***)$1849 (>$300)$2795 (>$500)
Or 3 Payments****$185$435$640$935
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*In addition to program attendance, one must develop proficiency in teaching ZL and IZL reserves the right to determine when this proficiency has been demonstrated.
**Training with Chosei Zen is offered on a donation basis
*** Your savings
****3 monthly payment plan available up to 90 days before program start

“If you feel you don’t have enough – time, energy, skill, support, knowledge, etc – you’ll benefit from this program. You’ll leave knowing you are enough, and that you have everything you need.”

Adrienne Hampton, MD, ZL and HEAL Instructor,
Integrative Medicine Residency Curriculum Director

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“This work is profoundly moving – both physically and internally – in ways that are larger and deeper than words. Thank you for the transformation. I carry it with me.”

Kate Watters, ZL Instructor
Executive Director Crude Accountability

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“Mind-Heart-Hara tools help you gain clarity and allow you to expand from the local to the big picture.”

Marcela Kyngesburye, ZL Instructor,
Transformational Coach and Leader

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If you really want to understand where you’re stuck and be challenged in a safe environment, attend an IZL program. “

Rebecca Ryan Roshi, ZL Instructor, Futurist

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“I have never transformed so entirely, so completely, with such integrity as I did in this training. The method is sound, and if you let it change you, you will be the best version of yourself.”

Kristi Crynmes, DO, ZL and HEAL Instructor,
Family Medicine, Faculty Physician

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