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Meet yourself in a new way, through the lens of the only “personality test” that links mind, body and everyday behaviors.

Discover the 4 energy patterns in your nervous system, which ones you favor and which ones you could use easier access to. Because even though you have preferences, life will call for all 4. When you use the best-fit pattern for any situation, life gets easier and you get more effective.

Need more focus, discipline, ease with people or big-picture thinking? There’s a pattern for each of those, and ways to physically cultivate it. Let FEBI help you reclaim more of who you are.

what is FEBI?

FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) is a validated psychometric instrument that measures 4 energy patterns in the nervous system that map to 4 factors of personality, 4 ways of moving, and 4 essential modes of leadership. FEBI doesn’t confine you to a box or confine personality to the head, but rather shows how to work with the body and mind together so you can win on your strengths and use the right energy at the right time.

90% of communication is nonverbal, i.e. subtle body gestures and the energy we project. Isn’t it time you learned what that 90% is saying? The FEBI is the only personality instrument that goes beyond your head to measure the energy patterns of the whole you. It goes beyond self-awareness to self-regulation and a fluid approach to change. FEBI is also a great team tool. You’ll learn how to read the energy of others and communicate in ways that get others moving with you.

How does it work?

When you enter the physical state of a particular pattern, the rest of the mind-body system tends to follow, and out come the behaviors of that pattern expressed in a way that’s natural to you. Authentic yet expansive: that’s what FEBI makes possible.

These patterns show up in our relationships, team, cultures, and in everything we do, build and lead. Imagine how these patterns can help you become a better coach, bring embodied learning to your programs or help leaders in your organization develop real agility.

Three ways to experience FEBI:

FEBI with online debrief

Take the FEBI and receive a full report, along with an online learning module to help you understand your results and get development suggestions.

FEBI with coaching

Take the FEBI and receive an hour of coaching from a FEBI-certified coach. This is a great way to understandand and apply your FEBI report and build a practice around its development suggestions.


This live, online, cohort-based program is taught in two parts with time for application in between. Includes physical training, partner coaching, and a chance to build and try out a practice.

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Get more insights from our community of FEBI teachers and coaches:

Want a free mini-taste?

Take a free mini-version of the FEBI and get insight into your likely strongest and weakest patterns. The mini-FEBI does not include a full report or development suggestions.

Interested in learning more?

Move to Greatness is definitive book on the energy patterns of FEBI. The Zen Leader and Resonate further show how these mind-body patterns become a gateway to boundless growth. You can order each book, or get all 3 in the Resonant Coach Kit and bring your most resonant self to your coaching, work, and life.

Are you a coach, teacher or facilitator?

Get FEBI-certified and learn how to coach, teach or facilitate teams using the FEBI. Start in learning about yourself in FEBI-4U and then follow that with our FEBI Certification program to guide others.

Looking for a coach near you?

There are FEBI Coaches all over the world!