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Talks From Our founder

In this session, Ginny Whitelaw Roshi reviews the themes of the One Earth, One Health, One With Summit with focus on the cycle of Perma Leadership, not as a thought, but as a one-with experience from which inspiration arises and action follows. You’ll learn how you can ”ride” the Perma Leadership cycle to connect, reimagine, energize, and realize healing in the world around you. You’ll also learn about the different summit experiences that might help you further explore your place in the work and practices and people who can help you. Want more? Get the entire summit package here.

Rewiring Your Brain Summit – May 2023

A fascinating conversation between Fleet Maull, PhD, co-host of the Rewiring Your Brain Summit, and Ginny Whitelaw Roshi. In it, you’ll learn about resonance, co-regulation, FEBI and much more!

Return to Your Whole Self

Return to the Mother World: Ancient Feminine Wisdom in Times of Transition Summit – November 2023

Join the conversation with Emmi Mutale and Ginny Whitelaw as they explore the local vs whole self, death, and how to live in this time of transition.