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Online or in-person, Ginny brings mind, body and energy together, inspiring people to their best.

Here’s a sample of her speaking on Resonate and how it’s the principle behind any difference you make and what can get in the way.

Whether she’s speaking on resonance, the radical reframes of Zen Leadership or the energy patterns of FEBI, she has people engaged, on their feet and having an embodied experience of what she’s talking about.

Spring your event to life.

Ginny shares some of her leadership journey and how resonance-building practices are key to clearing trauma and stuckness, strengthening relationships, and leading true to purpose.


  • Leadership That Resonates
  • Making Your Greatest Difference
  • Leading Fearlessly
  • Zen Leadership: Leading Beyond Limits
  • Managing Energy Using the 4 Energy Patterns

“Ginny has the uncanny ability to capture the attention of her audience and eliminate barriers that may impede one’s ability to achieve full potential.”

Ken Meyers

President, Ken Meyers Associates, Former CHRO Hillrom

“Wow! A Keynote where I could actually do something!” 

European ICF Conference Participant

“Ginny’s workshop on the 4 patterns became the most talked about in the conference, as one that had most contributed to people’s deeper understanding of self.”

Agnes Mura

Director of Professional Coaches and Mentors Association

“No one besides Ginny Whitelaw has this kind of depth in Zen and Leadership.”

Tom Gruenwald

Former CEO of Westell

“The richness of ‘Resonate’ lets me welcome opportunities for growth both inside and outside of myself. I love my new toolkit and have already put it to work.”

Lois Pfeiffer

Founder of The Bigger Picture, Resonate program participant

“Ginny animates the idea of resonance in a way that invites all of the senses to participate.”

Kelly Bannister

Biocultural Ethicist