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certification pathways

We believe that when people experience connection with the whole picture, they lead with greater wisdom, love and fearlessness.

The world needs more people who lead from this bigness.
Our certification pathways take you there.

5 Pathways to choose from, each described below:

Zen Leader Practitioner
HEAL Practitioner
FEBI Certified Coach
Zen Leadership Coach
Zen Leadership Instructor

Zen Leader Practitioner

How can you work with the difficulties of this time to live and lead your most significant life?

Learn how to apply the reframing flips of Zen Leadership and the power of resonance, so that you can transcend limits and lead fearlessly, with wisdom and care for all.

Includes: 4-5 online courses (ZL1, FEBI-4U, ZL2, ZL3), plus connection to Chosei Zen and a vibrant training community, an option to work with a coach, and more (see table below). 


You were called to this field to heal, and yet are confronted daily by brokenness in people, systems and society. How can you be a stronger, more effective force for healing?

Apply Zen Leadership to healthcare and see improvements in your energy, influence, and all you make possible around you, from patient encounters to system change.

Includes: 4-5 online courses (HEAL 1, FEBI-4U, HEAL 2, HEAL 3), plus connection to Chosei Zen and a vibrant training community, ongoing community calls with HEAL physician-instructors, optional coaching, and more. CME Credits available.

FEBI Certified Coach

You’ve coached and worked with enough people to know that realizing new directions doesn’t happen without the right energy and behaviors. How can you be more effective helping others find their way?

Add the powerful FEBI tool to your coaching: the only assessment linking mind-body and behaviors and showing the way to use the right energy at the right time and make desired change endure.

Includes: 2 online courses (FEBI-4U, FEBI Certification), plus 10 FEBI reports, connection to the FEBI coach community, training with Chosei Zen, and your own listing in our FEBI coach directory.  ICF CCEUs available.

Zen Leadership Coach

You want to help people break through their limitations, just as you want to break through your own. Yet the more you grow, the more you see the issue is the ego itself and how we get in our own way. How can you break through that and show the Way to others?

Learn how to guide others through the flips of Zen Leadership and the energy patterns of FEBI; expanding yourself as a coach and the creating profound openings for others.

Includes: all the above courses (from ZL or HEAL pathway), plus your first-year Master Class, coaching practice, ongoing connections to peer coaches, mentors and IZL community, and training with Chosei Zen. ICF CCEU’s available.

Zen Leadership Instructor

You know how desperately the world needs leaders who are wise beyond ego, compassionate and connected. How can you be a force for developing more of them?

Become an IZL Certified instructor, qualified to teach Zen leadership in your work, add your expertise to our curriculum, and join the pool we draw from in staffing our programs.

Includes: all the above courses (from ZL or HEAL pathway), plus your first-year Master Class, teaching experience, ongoing connection to the IZL community, and instructor-level training with Chosei Zen. ICF CCEU’s available.

Connection with a powerful Zen Community

Included with any of our programs: a limitless pathway into Zen training

Connect with our sister organization, Chosei Zen, and join the Virtual dojo daily, with opportunities to train in person at our Spring Green or Madison-based dojos, as well as groups spreading on 3 continents.

We combine world-class embodied leadership development with world-class Zen training that will take you further than you can imagine.

It takes guts (we call it hara) and heart, yet what could be more fulfilling than opening to your whole Self and authentically expressing that in the world?

You can enroll in a course at a time, or dive in and commit to a pathway option with additional discounts and rich opportunities for practice between courses. Click on the pathway of interest to learn more about its courses and options.

Course and Pathway BenefitsZL PractitionerHEAL PractitionerFEBI Certified CoachZL CoachZL Instructor
Online, live, immersive programs over 1 weekend
Online, live, 2 hour programs over multiple weeksSerial ZL1Serial HEALSerial ZL1/HEALSerial ZL1/HEAL
Connection to ongoing community of practice
Connection with Chosei Zen, access to all of their programs
Comprehensive workbook, manual, and/or book
FEBI reportSelfSelfSelf +9Self +9Self +9
Applications to personal and work challenges
Partner Coaching and core practices between sessionsSerial ZL1, ResonateSerial HEAL
Option to work with professional coach
Qualifies for continuing education credits ICFCMEICFICFICF
Listing in our Certified Coach Directory
Qualified to coach others with FEBI
Eligible to attend Master Class and ZL+
Includes Master Class (1 year)
Engage in ongoing and intensive Zen Training
Additional, personalized guidance from instructors
Qualified to coach others in Zen Leadership, including with IZL
Paid work opportunity with IZL
Qualified to teach ZL or HEAL programs, including with IZL
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“I have become more integrated, whole, and connected through participating in the Zen Leadership series. And a better leader.”

Jeff Grip, Partner, Stategic Talent Solutions

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“When you realize it is time to do your own deep work, learning with the Zen Leader community will help you gain the insights to face your shadows and bring more brightness to the world.”

Luann Barndt, Coach and Facilitator

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“If you have a sense of purpose (or are looking for one) or feeling you’re working hard and it’s not reaching enough people, try Zen Leadership. There’s a great chance it will come to you. Yes, really.”

Stephany Dano, Coach and Embodied Facilitator

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“You will be astonished from this experience.”

Gina Currie, RN

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