Zen Leader Coach Certification Pathway – Zen Leadership
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You’ve experienced the flips of Zen Leadership or the energy patterns of FEBI and see how powerful they can be in your own coaching. Or perhaps you’re a somatically-oriented coach just now encountering this pathway and finding it resonant.

Become a guide to others on the Way by first penetrating it yourself. In addition to Practitioner pathway courses and FEBI certification, Zen Leadership Coach certification requires regular attendance at our annual Master Class and training with our sister organization, Chosei Zen, including at least one intensive 4-day sesshin or keishin (i.e., online training). 

This level of certification also offers greater interaction with and guidance from our teachers, as well as paid opportunities to coach for IZL.

To heal is to make whole again.

–  Ginny Whitelaw

Who is it for?

  • You’re a somatic-oriented and/or FEBI-certified coach who wants to go deeper
  • You’re motivated to train in Zen and want to integrate the reframing “flips” and practices of Zen leadership into your coaching
  • You’d like to qualify for paid coaching work with IZL

Prerequisites: ICF PCC or equivalent experience. Ask us if you have questions about qualifying.

How does it work:

The Zen Leadership Coach pathway builds on the ZL Practitioner and FEBI Certification pathways. It adds personalized guidance from instructors, ZL coaching practice, regular connection to the IZL community, deeper Zen training with Chosei Zen, and regular attendance at IZL’s annual Master Class.

To learn more about the Master Class and training with Chosei Zen, click on the blocks below.

Master Class

What will you learn?

  • How to recognize when the various flips of Zen Leadership could be useful to your clients
  • How to help others make the flips of Zen Leadership ·
  • How to apply best practices in coaching and teaching to your own practice
  • How to deepen your own exploration of coaching from connected consciousness
  • How to apply Zen leadership and ZL coaching to better care for people (including racial justice and social change) and the planet.


  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Weekend starts Thursday evening, runs through the weekend, and finishes Sunday at 12 noon CT

Chosei Zen Training

What will you learn?

  • How to do Zen meditation in a deeply physical, hara-centered way that cultivates Samadhi
  • How to break through self-imposed limits and radically expand your capacity
  • How to develop supporting practices (e.g., chanting, shakuhachi, ceramics, Tai chi, Kyudo,  yoga) that augment your training
  • How to apply Zen training in your life and work

See the website of our sister organization, Chosei Zen, for a full description of training opportunities ·


  • In-person and online training available; see Chosei Zen website for details.

choose your fee for the entire pathway

When registering, select the pricing level that fits your circumstances. When you register for the Zen Leadership Coach Certification pathway, we honor your commitment with an additional discount over individually priced programs. The rates below cover all 6 online courses: ZL1, ZL2, ZL3 (or HEAL equivalents), FEBI-4U, FEBI Certification, and one Master Class.*

After you register for the Zen Leadership Coach Certification pathway, we will contact you about which programs you want to enroll in this year. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to set up a 3-part payment plan for this pathway.

*In addition to program requirements, one must demonstrate proficiency in coaching with ZL and IZL reserves the right to determine when this proficiency has been met; all training with Chosei Zen is offered on a donation basis

“As a result of IZL and Zen training, I experience life with more energy and less fear or strain. I am more alive and open with my clients. I no longer try to fix their problems, but rather be with them in a still place that allows insight to emerge from the connectedness in the moment.”

Dennis Tirman

Tirman Consulting, ZL Coach and Instructor

“IZL continues to serve me in ways I can’t explain…It brought me back to life and to places I didn’t know existed in myself.”

Cris Nakano

Strategist, Somatic Coach, ZL Coach and Instructor

“My coaching practice appears to be taken up with clients all trying to go too fast. Several months ago, I began living out the mantra “Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.”

Andy Robins

ZL Coach and Instructor

“The growth and support that I’ve gained in IZL programs is mind blowing. No problem is too big.”

Emily Alpert

FEBI and Operations Manager