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Zen Leader +

Inspire and be inspired by the innumerable expressions and applications of Zen Leadership in our vibrant community

Curious about how Zen Leadership is being expressed in others? In need of a ZL Flip or FEBI mini-refresher? Looking for a practice community for sharing your own ZL applications?

Join with colleagues in this co-creative space for reminding, remembering and returning to Zen leadership practices and applications.

This alumni-created and peer-led program offers an opportunity to reconnect and explore how Zen leadership has come through our lives in diverse ways. ZL+ is a supportive space to immerse in ways Zen leadership connects with other practices, pressing issues, and areas of need in your own life and the world.

ZL+ is a flexible program, that adapts to meet the needs of the ZL community of practice.

In 2022, ZL+ was launched in the form of a three-part course for ZL and HEAL alumni who had completed the full Zen Leader or HEAL series (1, 2, 3). It focused on the creative interplay between “Nature” (the natural world) and “the nature of our nature” (our true selves). It included opportunities to learn from and be inspired by Zen teachers, as well as support and inspire each other while nurturing our Zen leadership community of practice.

In 2024, ZL+ takes the form of a drop-in series of monthly ZL/HEAL Practice Circles that are open to alumni and anyone interested in ZL, HEAL and FEBI programs.

What will we learn and do?

Drawing inspiration from the ZL and HEAL series curriculum, we work with flips and energy patterns in old and new ways to:

Who Is It For?

How Does It Work?

The ZL/HEAL Practice Circles will be led by ZL and HEAL Practitioners and Instructors or FEBI Certified Coaches in a peer-peer learning model. The interactive sessions will be one hour long and held monthly.

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The ZL+ Practice Circles are by donation.

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Registration opens in Fall 2023.