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FEBI Certification

energy is precious.
our nervous system patterns it 4 ways.
ENERGY works best when we use the PATTERN that best fits the situation

Personality isn’t confined to our head. Rather it emerges from patterns in our nervous system that surface in movement, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. FEBI® (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) is the only validated personality instrument that works with this whole integrated system of mind and body.

The added power of making something physical, is that you also make it trainable, which is what makes FEBI such a powerful and practical tool to add to your coaching, teaching and facilitiation. FEBI helps people discover not only their habitual use of patterns, but the unique stregnths of each pattern and ways to cultiavte any pattern they might want easier access to. FEBI certification will equip you to coach individuals along this journey, to facilitate FEBI-based team sessions using the FEBI Group Report, and to run FEBI-based programs.   

Some prior coaching, consulting, counseling or teaching experience is required; contact us if you have questions about your readiness to jump into FEBI certification.  

What will you learn?

  • How the 4 energy patterns show up in you and support your life and work
  • How to access and guide others into the 4 energy patterns
  • How to coach people with the FEBI report and bring it to life
  • How to develop pattern-cultivating practices
  • How to administer, explain, and sell the FEBI to clients
  • How to use the FEBI group report and facilitate a rousing teambuilding session
  • How to integrate FEBI into programs and into your business

Go beyond head,
Go beyond type,
Go further – with FEBI®

Who is it for?

How does it work:

  • Four, 2-hour live and interactive instructor-led online sessions
  • Three, 2-hour intersession practice periods where participants have the opportunity to coach with each other, practice using the FEBI individual and group reports, and get their questions answered.

What will you get?

choose your Program Fee

When registering, you’ll have the option to select the pricing level that fits your circumstances.

The scholarship and supported rates include 5 FEBI reports; the regular and benefactor rates include 10 FEBI reports. A limited number of fuller scholarships may be available, usually linked with an opportunity to volunteer. We welcome a conversation to discuss how to make your participation possible. Contact us. 

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FEBI Certification: Fall 2024

September 24 – November 5

Add this powerful mind-body personality assessment to your coaching and facilitation.

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“FEBI has literally transformed my life, and being FEBI certified is allowing me to transform others’ lives. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Rhonda Morton

Savannah Consulting and FEBI-Certified Coach

“This is a wonderful tool for leadership development that doesn’t just tell how you lead but also accelerates wisdom by teaching how to access and strengthen each of the four energy patterns.”

Stacey Bevill

PCC, BCC, MPM®, President of Golden Career Strategies

“The FEBI is a unique and important tool that has the potential to significantly influence the way we practice leadership development…it helps leaders reach their full potential.”

Peter C. Cairo

PhD, CEO Coach

“The energy patterns are bringing a new dimension and depth to leadership programs.”

Stephen Rhinesmith

PhD, Executive Coach, Co-Author of Head Heart and Guts

“FEBI is the only instrument I know of that goes beyond increasing self-awareness to help people actually move differently in the world, both literally and metaphorically…it’s the only leadership assessment that I use.”

Amanda Blake

FEBI-Certified Coach, author of Your Body is Your Brain

“Finally, a tool and approach that makes intuitive, practical, and theoretical sense. The leadership and behavior patterns of FEBI can be quickly grasped and easily applied.”

David Dotlich

PhD, President of PivotLeadership, a Division of KornFerry

What happens if I cancel?

Depending on when you cancel relative to the program start date, we can transfer your registration forward to a future offering or you may be eligible for a refund. See our cancellation policy here.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

That’s fine! All the sessions are recorded and the recordings are emailed within 24 hours of the class.

I’d like my team to take this course!

That’s wonderful! Please email thezenleader@gmail.com and we will work something out.

What if I can’t afford the program?

If you’re committed to training with us, we’d like to make it possible for you. We offer a scholarship rate and have a limited number of fuller scholarships available, generally in exchange for an opportunity to volunteer. Contact us at thezenleader@gmail.com to discuss further.

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