The One Earth Summit – Zen Leadership
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IZL was honored to co-host the
online leadership summit with registrants from across the world.

Over 50 speakers and practitioners from a diversity of professional, geographical and cultural backgrounds (health, environment, education, arts, wisdom and spiritual traditions) converged over seven days with one shared purpose:

To be a healing force amid the suffering of the climate crisis and support thriving of people and planet. 

A moment of connection during the Summit Closing Ceremony with speakers Ginny Whitelaw Roshi, Wisdom Weavers of the World Elders Iya Tahirah Abubakr, Edward Sparks, and Ilarion Merculieff, and IZL co-hosts Kelly Bannister and Jasleen Kaur.

What we explored

  • What does nature and this time of global crisis call forth in us as leaders?
  • How do we connect with the healing power of nature and ancient wisdom traditions to heal the world around us?
  • How can we be resourced in our work with heartfelt connectedness?


Participants resourced themselves with insights, tools, and practices, made new connections, and pledged actions to be part of the healing needed in the world. Highlights included:

Insights from experts in climate change and health, education, regeneration, creativity, and leadership around the work to be done and how to find a felt sense of place in it.

Ways to access the power of connectedness as the foundation for leadership, guided by Nature, Zen, and Indigenous Wisdom Traditions.

Embodied practices to experience the healing power of one-withness – from the stillness of meditation, to the principles of Aikido, the joy of dance, the power of tai chi, the resonance of sound, the healing possibilities of Zen grounded Yoga, and much more.

Ways to apply a nature-inspired “perma leadership” approach to an existing or emerging project, initiative or organization – a new leadership model developed and offered by Ginny Whitelaw, Glynnis Rengger and their Perma-Leadership team.

Connection with a vibrant community of practice to encourage contributions to our One Earth Pledge and support
actions that create the future we want.

WHAT IS THE ONE EARTH PLEDGE? At this pivotal time in history, each of us faces daily choices:  How do I care for the Earth? Am I adding to or lessening the Earth’s burden? What can I do more of, less of, or differently? Where is my place and what is my role to be part of the healing needed in today’s world? What is one thing I can do, one step I can take, one commitment I can make? The One Earth Pledge was an invitation extended during the Summit to consider such questions and co-create a collective pool of inspiration and commitment to being a healing force for our one and only Earth, knowing our shared future is determined now!

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Thanks to our collaborating organizations who enabled the Summit

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What’s Next

As we continue to explore how One Withness can elevate leadership wisdom amid these troubled times, we are exploring questions to seed a future event, related to the escalating attention to artificial intelligence and a growing need to ground our AI future in essential wisdom and embodied practice:

  • How can leaders use Nature’s intelligence to bring AI in service of Life?
  • How can AI help address the climate and other social and ecological crises?
  • How can One Withness uplevel leaders to address both climate change and AI from a place of connected wisdom, not just intellect? (See our article on this topic)