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Zen Leader 1 Program


Coping is not good enough. How can you use challenges, paradoxes and even your own weaknesses to breakthrough to new possibilities and a boundless sense of self?

Here’s your foundation. In ZL1 you’ll learn:

  • How to flip problems to opportunities
  • How to release tension and extend energy
  • How to reconcile seeming opposites or decide between right and right
  • How to center yourself and increase your power using hara
  • How to develop your concentration and self-regulation in meditation
  • How to know which of 4 energy patterns you favor and how to access weaker patterns
  • How to increase your influence
  • How to bring a desired future into the present
  • How to apply Zen leadership to a current challenge or opportunity

I arrived at the Zen Leader training exhausted, depleted, and bordering on depression. A mere two and half days later, after deep nourishment on every level, I left re-energized, restored, and excited about a new vision for my business. In a word: Transformative. 

Amanda Blake 
Founder, Embright

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Here’s how it works:

Online, live, cohort-based program offered in two formats. Select whichever works best for you.

Weekend Version

  • Starts Thurs evening, runs most of the day Fri and Sat (with breaks), finishes Sun at lunch
  • Different sessions accommodate different world time zones; see each session for its specific times


  • What is Zen Leadership?
  • Finding Opportunities in Your Challenge
  • Introduction to Zen meditation and Hara Development
  • Experiencing Your Energy Patterns
  • From “or” to “and” – decision making in paradox
  • From Control to Connect, Increasing Your Influence
  • Realizing Your Vision
  • Crafting Your Way forward

Serial Version

  • Meets for 6 Saturdays, 2 hours most weeks and most of the day (with breaks) in week 5
  • Complimented by video content you can view on your own time


  • WEEK 1: From Coping to Adding Value; introduction to Zen Leadership and hara development;
  • WEEK 2: From Tension to Extension; introduction to Zen meditation
  • WEEK 3: Experiencing Your Energy Patterns
  • WEEK 4: From “or” to “and” – decision making in paradox
  • WEEK 5: From Control to Connect, increasing your influence; deepening  practice
  • WEEK 6: Realizing Your Vision; crafting your Way forward
with both versions you get:
  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Your personal FEBI report
  • Practical ways to apply 5 of the “flips” of Zen Leadership to a challenge you’re facing
  • An introduction to Zen meditation and the Chosei Zen community with the opportunity to continue in Zen training after the program.
  • Opportunity for 12 ICF CCEUs; please indicate if this is of interest when you register
Early Bird up to 6 weeks before $489
Premium up to 10 weeks before $429

Zen Leader 1 – Weekend Workshop Fall 2021

Begins October 21, 7:00 pmEnds October 24, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

Awaken the Zen Leader In You. Your leadership will never be the same.

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Zen Leader 1 – Serial Course Winter 2022

Begins February 5 2022, 8:00 amEnds March 12 2022, 10:00 amOnline Serialized Program – US Central Time Zone

The best way to jump into Zen Leadership when you can’t devote a full weekend to it.

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What if I register and then something comes up and I can’t attend the program?

We’ll be glad to roll your registration forward to a future offering of the program at the same price.

What if I miss part of the program?

Part of what makes our programs so strong is the sense of community in the cohort, so we encourage you to attend all sessions live.  If you have to miss 1-2 hours, we’ll help you get caught up. If you have to miss more than that, we’ll suggest rolling your registration forward to the next offering.

I don’t know if I can quiet my mind or sit still in meditation; can I still do it?

Quieting your mind is not required for meditation, but more of an outcome and we’ll show you how to get started. Sitting in stillness is part of our tradition, and you’ll see it’s as super-efficient way to train because the same things that get in our way in life and leadership come up quickly when we stop moving, but we’ll give you the tools to deal with them like you never had before.

What if I’m not a leader?

If you’re committed to making a positive difference through your life, you fit our definition of leader, and we’re here to help you do it better, even if that positive difference is in your personal life, rather than work life.

What if I can’t afford the program?

If you’re committed to training with us, we’d like to try to make it possible for you.  We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to our programs. If you’d like to apply for one, here is an application.

Is this too Zen-y or religious-y?

We do not ask you to believe anything or adopt any religion. Zen is not religious in the ordinary sense of the word, but rather physical training to break through barriers and free the mind.  It is a foundation for being more of who you are.

Can my whole team attend?

Absolutely, in fact, it’s easier to integrate the program’s learnings in your workplace when multiple people or a team train together. Contact us for group discounts or if you would like to bring a tailored version of the program to your organization.