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bringing you the strength of world-class teachers in zen, leadership, coaching and healthcare

“The world needs more leaders who can act from love and all-embracing wisdom; it needs us to be successful.” – Ginny Whitelaw

meet our founder and CEO
Ginny Whitelaw close up

Ginny Whitelaw

Roshi, Founder

From her first science job working in a high energy physics lab to learning how to work with energy in Aikido and Zen, Ginny has had a passion for bringing energy, mind and body together.

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meet our Vice President

Kristi Crymes, DO

VP, Head of HEAL, IZL Instructor, Family Medicine Physician

Kristi Crymes is an IZL instructor, head of the HEAL program, a member of the board of directors and a Chosei Zen student. When she isn’t at work as a family medicine physician and faculty at Cox Family Medicine Residency, you can find her on the virtual dojo or exploring the wilderness.

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Meet our Board

What happens when you bring a futurist, physicians, Zen masters, experienced leaders and leadership development experts together? You get an IZL Board with its eye on how to help the leaders skillfully create the future from the bigness of no-self. Hear in their own words why they chose to be with us.

Bob Caron

Education Consultant, Deloitte, IZL Instructor & Coach

“Leaders can be both a cause and solution to many of the world’s most pressing problems as well as the everyday challenges people face in making a living and a life for themselves and their families. Supporting the growth of whole, compassionate and connected leaders is perhaps our best path to a brighter future. That’s our work at IZL.”

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Kristi Crymes, DO

VP, Head of HEAL, IZL Instructor, Family Medicine Physician

“IZL training is transformative in that it develops you into a bigger, truer version of yourself, and gives you the skills to bring that into your work and your life.”

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Gordon Greene

Roshi, Abbot, Chosei Zen, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin

“There is a common perception that leaders are born and not made. I disagree. I’ve seen countless people grow into leadership through conscious effort and the hard work that IZL programs demand. The hardest work is to get people to fully inhabit their bodies and not just their heads. With all senses at play, with energy free to flow within one’s body, with emotions faced, a person is much more attuned to all the forces that surround them. When this is present, leadership becomes the work of recognizing what is true. IZL excels at developing this ability. And I want to be there when this is happening.”

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Cynthia Haq headshot

Cindy Haq, MD

HEAL Instructor, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, University of CA, Irvine

“IZL and Zen practice transformed me and my abilities to promote healing for myself, others and the earth. I joined the IZL Board to amplify these benefits for others.”

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Cris Nakano Headshot

Cris Nakano

Director In Europe and ZL Instructor & Coach

“IZL & Zen help me remember who I am – who we are – and what this is all about. I joined the Board to help IZL reach more people, so they can ‘remember’ too.”

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Rebecca Ryan Headshot

Rebecca Ryan

Roshi, Board Chair, Zen and ZL Instructor

“We’re all inspired by leaders who tackle huge challenges, those who can inspire and mobilize the people around them. We want to work for them, read about them, be around them. IZL helps you – anyone – become one. Who wouldn’t want to be on a Board dedicated to that?”

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Our Board members also teach in our programs and join the extraordinary teachers and staff below with a shared passion for Zen and Zen Leadership as a Way to help you, others and our world. Here are the rest of our instructors and staff: